21 Jul 2024

Kernow Coatings launches Eco Pro Lite and Recyclable Wallpaper

Kernow Coatings launches Eco Pro Lite and Recyclable Wallpaper.

Kernow Coatings, a leading manufacturer of printable synthetic media, is at the forefront with innovative solutions that prioritise sustainability without compromising on quality.

In 2023, they launched the ECO Pro Lite, a world’s first for toner synthetics with 40% less plastic and the same great performance as their bestselling KernowPrint PRO. It’s a versatile media for dry toner that offers exceptional print quality and addresses the growing demand for sustainable materials. It’s perfect for a wide range of applications such captivating indoor displays to vibrant outdoor signage and promotional materials that make a statement.

Their commitment to sustainable offerings continues with the expansion of their KernowJet Interiors range and the introduction of a recyclable wallpaper, that’s also made with 100% recycled materials. This provides sustainable décor solutions perfect for residential and commercial spaces, allowing customers to enhance their interiors while reducing their ecological footprint.

Alongside this new recycled product, Kernow Coatings also offer wallpapers in a range of finishes, including a stunning Bright Gold. This has a shiny, reflective surface with a metallic finish that catches the light beautifully and creates a luxurious atmosphere in any room. These wallpapers offer high dimensional stability, excellent printability, a PVC-free substrate & topcoat, luxurious, textile-like haptics and is 100% paste-the-wall and strippable.

Digital printing on wallpaper offers numerous benefits compared to traditional printing methods. One of the main advantages is the ability to print on demand, which means that wallpaper can be customized to specific sizes and designs and produced quickly and efficiently. It also allows for more complex designs with a greater range of colors and gradients, resulting in more visually stunning wallpapers.

These eco conscious products sit alongside other ground-breaking products from Kernow Coatings such as KernowJet Kling, which is set to revolutionize the window film industry with its innovative features and KernowJet MetaliK which, when applied to smooth surfaces, has a mirror look finish.

KernowJet Kling is a PVC-free synthetic that’s compatible with wide format UV and latex printers whilst offering exceptional print quality for stunning visual impact. Unlike other window clings, KernowJet Kling uses Kernow Coatings proprietary chemistry that makes it neither a static cling nor an adhesive whilst maintaining the pros and eliminating the cons of each respectively. It’s the perfect choice for seasonal or promotional retail displays that are everchanging. Kling is available with a clear or white backing, offering versatile options to meet diverse project needs.

KernowJet MetaliK is available in mirror like Gold and Silver finishes. They offer both permanent and removeable MetaliK, one with a high-tack permanent adhesive, perfect for wallcoverings and the other with a removable adhesive that’s suitable for short-term decoration such as eye-catching window displays.

Arnoud Mekenkamp, Kernow Coatings wide format product manager had this to say, “These new Wide Format products are all testament to Kernow’s commitment to innovation especially our KernowJet Kling, it’s neither a traditional static cling nor is it adhesive backed…it’s truly magical! I’m excited to see people’s amazement at DRUPA and would like to thank HP for running some of media at their booth.”