Leamore Signs produces stunning set of liveries with Metamark M7 MetaScape

LeamoreSigns MetaMark

Leamore Signs is based near Stafford but you’ll have seen its work everywhere in the UK thanks to the company being a supplier of livery services to Scania truck dealers whose customers operate fleets of all shapes and sizes - nationwide.

Leamore Signs’ director, Andy Wells, completed his industry education brush in hand. Andy is among a comparative few these days with experience in pure signwriting. That experience delivers dividends in the digital age because practitioners such as Andy have an eye for typography, for balanced layout and colour, and for design with a graphical grounding beyond print.

Great livery graphics work off a basis of contrasts and bold, expressive elements. Great livery graphics for that reason are memorable and create positive impressions that last. More often than not, great livery graphics embody expressive designs reduced to powerful fundamentals. The result can be striking.

Leamore Signs’ latest work for its haulier client, A&P Transport makes the point. Andy was approached through his Scania connections to provide livery for A&P’s new Scania tractor units. After a conversation with the client, Andy proposed a selection of designs reflecting the client’s brief. He didn’t get the answer he expected.

Rather than elect a single design from the range that Andy proposed, the customer chose a selection in the belief that they all did the needed job well and that they were possessed of strong enough commonality in design terms to promote the brand.

Andy and the Leamore Signs team then got stuck into the real work. The team used its Graphtec cutting plotters to produce the livery elements and elected to use Metamark M7 MetaScape coloured vinyl for the job.

Metamark M7 coloured SignVinyl enjoys a great reputation for cutting and weeding well but the MetaScape variation takes the popular material to another level. The specialist adhesive is rightly praised for not giving trapped air a chance and in the skilled hands at Leamore Signs it proved itself capable.

The finished job looks sensational. The design, make that “designs,” work brilliantly, the application is absolutely flawless. The impact the whole ensemble achieves on the black units is nothing less that eye-popping.

Andy Wells is pleased with the work and says the customer is delighted too. Who says too much choice is a bad thing?