Madico Develops Unique and Ultra-Reliable Outgassing Resistant Film


Madico Graphic Films, a leading supplier of specialist pressure sensitive, coated film products for durable label applications, has introduced a unique and ultra-reliable outdoor film that avoids blistering and delamination problems caused by outgassing in plastic moulded engineering components.

The new film’s innovative constructional properties make it suitable for applied graphics requirements on acrylic, ABS or polycarbonate surfaces in industrial and specific automotive applications, such as construction vehicles. In addition, Madico’s film resists problems that accentuate the effects of outgassing, such as elevated temperature, humidity and UV light exposure.

With most engineering plastics susceptible to varying levels of outgassing, Madico’s new anti-outgassing film offers label converters a means of strengthening their offering with a robust and reliable product that serves graphics and labelling requirements in a host of industrial applications. “Our new anti-outgassing film has been designed for use on plastic mouldings that cover or protect something that can be exposed to elevated temperatures”, explains Gary Flavell, Madico’s Technical Manager. “In addition to plant vehicles, this includes numerous other areas within the construction and engineering and industries, such as compressors and generators.”

Thanks to a specially engineered cavitated layer on the reverse of Madico’s film, outgassed air from plastic mouldings is free to escape through the sides of the graphic, rather than to build up on its underside and induce blistering or bubbles. As a result, Madico’s five- to seven-year anti-outgassing film delivers new benefits over existing, competitive films, which are typically only bubble-free upon application and do not offer sustained, robust resistance during prolonged, long-term usage.

Madico has already successfully demonstrated the capability of its anti-outgassing film, having fulfilled a specific application need for a leading manufacturer of construction equipment. “In this case, the customer had been unable to find a suitable anti-outgassing material for branding requirements on the sides of its construction vehicles’ engine covers”, explains Flavell.

“Elevated temperature exposure accelerates outgassing in plastics. and the problem is further exacerbated for construction vehicles in hotter climates, where as well as a hot engine behind the ABS moulding, the graphics are exposed to high outdoor temperatures and sunlight”, continues Flavell. “Having supplied our film, the customer has completely eradicated their previous blistering and delamination problems, which were becoming detrimental to its brand image.

“Certain products on the market have lines in the adhesive, allowing air to escape on application”, he adds. “However, bubble-free for application is quite different to bubble-free for long-term use. In instances where a plastic moulding encases a motor, the plastic quickly becomes warm, at which point the adhesive flows back together and prevents the air from escaping, which ultimately creates blistering and even delamination of the graphic.”

Designed for screen-printed and/or cut-vinyl graphics, Madico’s new anti-outgassing film is automotive approved for resistance to associated chemicals. As with all of Madico’s films, it is manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements.