Metamark introduce MetaCast MDC premium cast wrapping film

Metamark has introduced a new, feature-rich, premium cast wrapping film to take the flagship position in its range of MD Class printable digital materials.

MetaCast MDC is a new, premium cast wrapping vinyl from Metamark. ‘It’s the best performing product that Metamark has ever produced,’ says the company. Cast materials are engineered to perform. MetaCast MDC confronts that responsibility head on, they add, and it redefines performance from print quality, though application, to ultimate durability in the field.

Working with MetaCast MDC is like having another pair of hands. Its handling and its application behaviour takes the whole concept of ‘ease’ to a higher level over a wider range of application conditions. So when better printing hardware comes along, MetaCast MDC is ready to take advantage of it. Challenging applications are something MetaCast MDC was expressly designed for.

Metamark products have always been popular with those who have a free vote and can choose what media and materials they use. Printer manufacturers with a point to make about print quality, and printer engineers validating maintenance work have done so using Metamark digital media too. MetaCast MDC is going to very quickly establish itself as the industry’s new premium materials performance benchmark.

Trusted performance has always been there in support of Metamark media and materials. MetaCast MDC takes performance and trust further still. “We’ve redefined and elevated the performance of premium cast films,” says Metamark’s Sales Director Ian Simister. “Our technical achievement in developing MetaCast MDC is reflected in its ten year MetaSure warranty. The warranty programme meets the needs of major converters and their customers and has been designed to be the industry’s most flexible, most generous, and most easily managed.”

Hands-on signs and graphics producers will welcome MetaCast MDC’s tolerance of the extreme elongation needed to achieve the most dramatic results demanded for today’s imaginative wrapping work. MetaCast MDC makes application easier too thanks to it MetaGlide adhesive. This proprietary micro-channelled adhesive doesn’t just give trapped air nowhere to hide, it facilitates effortless repositioning and sliding of the graphic during application and manages its initial adhesion. Once applied, it builds to a powerful ultimate bond and there’s no hatch pattern to show through to the MetaCast MDC face-film. Removal, when the time comes, is a totally clean exercise without a trace of adhesive remaining.

MetaCast MDC’s performance requires a laminate that’s its equal. Metamark has developed MetaCast MGC, an advanced premium matched laminate to protect printed MDC graphics. The new laminate is crystal clear and just as conformable as the MetaCast MDC that it protects.

Metamark has won itself something of a reputation for the lengths it’ll go to to give markets and customers what they want. MetaCast MDC demonstrates that the company will go to useful widths too. MetaCast MDC is available in 1600mm wide rolls. That little extra width makes a huge and very valuable difference. It means that more jobs can be tackled with the application of a single panel. There will be a lot of positive feedback coming Metamark’s way for this welcome development, not to mention the redefined performance levels the product delivers to the premium cast vinyl market.

Metamark’s CEO is Paul French, he was closely involved with the development of Metamark’s new cast product. He had this to say. “The sign and allied industries have a very clear understanding of where cast materials fit, how they’re used and the performance that they have to deliver. We knew exactly what we needed to accomplish in terms of product innovations and performance improvements in order to make sure that MetaCast MDC represent a significant advance in the field of premium cast films. MetaCast MDC delivers our performance objectives on all fronts. It prints brilliantly. It brings new features and big advances that make application much easier. It’s durable in the extreme too. These are benefits that our customers and markets have been asking for. MetaCast MDC is our response.

“We’re delighted to be able to introduce our new premium cast flagship media. It means that there’s now a Metamark product available for every graphics application, specified or otherwise. Our 10 year MetaSure warranty programme is second to none and every Metamark customer will now have access to a product from us that really does redefine premium cast performance. MetaCast MDC is now available. It’s new. It’s cast. It’s Metamark. That’s great news for signs and graphics producers and the markets they serve.”