05 Dec 2021

Neschen announce Digital Print Media for HP’s latex inks


Neschen Media for HP Latex Printers

Neschen has announced the availability of five digital print media certified by HP as suitable for use with the latter’s recently-announced latex inks.  Two are self-adhesive vinyl substrates and three are digital wallpapers.

Sarah Janes, managing director of Neschen UK, told us “We worked in close collaboration with HP to develop these print media so we know that not only do they provide high quality finished output, but also they offer versatility in applications.”

Used together with the HP Designjet L65500, printers can produce displays for POP, exhibitions and vehicle graphics even street and building advertising not to mention commercial and domestic interiors with Neschen media.

The self-adhesive ‘solvoprint’ vinyls are available in 80 and 100 microns thicknesses in white with either a glossy or matt finish.  They have a permanent adhesive and an M1 fire rating.

The digital wallpapers are available in three grades.  The 295g/m2 ‘solvoprint P’ is a PVC coated paper in a choice of five embossed/textured finishes.  It has excellent print qualities, is scratch-resistant and comes with a B1 fire certification.

The heavier Solvoprint NW is a 475g/m2 non-woven fleece which makes it easier to remove from walls when no longer required.  It, too, offers excellent print quality, scratch-resistance, a B1 fire rating and is available in four textures.

Also available is an ERFURT wallpaper of approximately 200g/m2.  It is finished with a Color Alliance-certified* inkjet coating applied to a non-PVC, 100 per cent non-woven base in a choice of four textures.  As supplied it is fire rated according to DIN 4102-B1.

* The Color Alliance coating, developed by Neschen, provides much better colour properties on digital printed media.  As a result, a lot less ink is applied by inkjet printers to produce the same colour density.  Alternatively, when using the same amount of ink as previously, the colours will look even more brilliant:  the colours appear to have more depth and intensity and therefore cover a much greater colour space.

Worldwide, Neschen supplies printable, coated and enhanced sheet media, such as plastic and paper foils, but also textiles for printing service providers.  Photographers, interior designers, advertising agencies, architects and others can all draw on a vast product portfolio for any application. The German coating specialist is particularly well known for its jumbo-size media for large format printing.