Neschen Coating Print'n'Walk film provides perfect adhesion

New floor graphics film provides extreme adhesive strength on difficult substrates.

Wherever UV print'n'walk power-tack is applied to, the floor graphics film provides perfect adhesion. The new product from Neschen Coating is a true all-rounder when it comes to application to difficult surfaces: From concrete, wood or carpet to pavement or other surfaces – this high-tack film is a top choice.

This makes the new UV print'n'walk power-tack an ideal addition to the existing print'n'walk range of floor graphics films. UV print'n'walk power-tack is excellent for eye-catching advertising at the point of sale, trade shows or in showrooms.

• 200 μm structured film with high-tack adhesive

• R9 slip resistance after printing with UV-curable inks

• Perfect adhesion on a variety of substrates – from concrete or chipboard to carpets

• Ideal for campaigns at the point of sale or at trade fairs

• For UV-curable inks

Anti-slip surface right after printing – no laminate needed

While standard floor graphics media on the market need to be laminated for slip resistance after printing, the Neschen high-tack film is immediately ready for use – a time- and cost-saving solution. After printing with UV-curable inks UV print'n'walk power-tack provides a R9-certified anti-slip surface. The film is easily suited for three-month long applications.

The fire retardancy of UV print'n'walk power-tack has been certified according to EN-13501-1, printed with UV-curable inks. The high-tack film is available in a size of 30m x 160cm.