21 May 2022

NESCHEN expands the colour range of the bestseller easy dot

NESCHEN welcomes summer with fresh  solvoprint easy dot colour films.

NESCHEN supplements its solvoprint easy dot colour range with the colours red, yellow, green, blue and a black variant.

Just in time for summer sales and the associated advertising campaigns, NESCHEN now offers its customers an extensive colour range for every design style. Already for the winter advertising season 2017, NESCHEN had extended the easy dot range by the variants gold and silver.

easy dot: Easy to apply, easy to remove

This new range of colour foils is characterised above all by strong colour tones which create loud advertising messages on glass surfaces both in transmitted and incident light. The 100 µm PVC films are equipped with the special dot adhesive coating from NESCHEN. The structure of acrylate adhesive dots and air ducts running between them enables even inexperienced users to easily apply large motifs without bubbles and to subsequently correct the them. Solvoprint easy dot red, yellow, green, blue and black can be plotted and die-cut very well. The new colour films are therefore also ideal for e. g. lettering. In contrast to "normal" colour films, these coloured easy dot® media can be adhered quickly and easily. It does not require any drying time which would otherwise be urgently necessary for wet application. We recommend the application on the inside of the shop window which does not cloud the colour impression in any way.

Solvoprint easy dot can also be printed with (eco)solvent, latex and UV-curable inks if required. The new colour variants are now available in 137.2cm x 30m.