21 Feb 2024

Neschen PP matt backing – for faster high-quality advertising

Product innovation: PP matt backing – for faster and cheaper high-quality advertising applications.

With PP matt backing, Neschen as a specialist company for self-adhesive products and coated media has developed a PVC-free product innovation for effective and durable advertising applications.

Optics and sustainability

The matte, warm white film is applied as a background laminate to the print side of a mirror-printed transparent material, creating a high-quality white surface look with very good opacity. In this way, the cost of white ink can be saved and the printing time of the advertising message reduced. "As an alternative to full-area white printing, our PP matt backing film can reduce our customers' production time and costs by up to 50 percent," says Kai Tittgemeyer, Managing Director of Neschen GmbH. "With PP matt backing in combination with one of our transparent media, such as UVprint PP easy dot transparent, we have developed a good answer for the further increasing demand for PVC-free product solutions."

Dirk Peereboom, as the responsible product manager, adds, "PP matt backing enables an ecological result that, on top of that, looks very appealing and lasts a long time." The film is just as suitable for use in shop windows as a diffuser for backlighting in lightboxes or display cases".

Application features

In terms of application and durability, the self-adhesive polypropylene backing film combines several relevant advantages at once: Produced especially for lamination with PVC-free printing materials and equipped with a water-based adhesive, the PP matt backing film is not only sustainable but also very durable, dimensionally stable and easy to handle thanks to the innovative material. The interior insert of the durable product also prevents damage from vandalism at the end customer.

For further information, visit www.neschen.com