Neschen to reveal new display media and textiles at Fespa 2011

Printlux Citylight Superior

At this year's Fespa exhibition, Neschen's already comprehensive range of high-quality digital print media and laminating films will be further complemented by additional products incorporating the latest coating technologies.

New products among its Display Graphic Solutions are the light-blocking print media solvoprint/printlux nolite 360, solvoprint/printlux PP nolite 210 and solvoprint/ printlux nolite 165 as well as solvoprint/printlux citylight superior for light boxes.

Solvoprint/printlux nolite 360 is a polyester composite approx. 360 microns thick with an integrated light barrier layer and silver backing.  Printlux is suitable for both water-based inks; while solvoprint has been developed for solvent, latex and UV-hardening inks.  This print medium represents an ideal solution for use in pop-up display systems as it is extremely stiff and stable.  For protection, Neschen recommends filmolux scratch and filmolux PP sand.

Solvoprint/printlux PP nolite 210 is the 'green' variant specially designed for roll-up systems.  The substrate is composed of polypropylene (PP), a plastic that consists solely of two elements - carbon and hydrogen.  It is PVC-free and, when combined with a PP laminate such as filmolux PP sand, even the complete composite product remains green, with no loss of print quality.

Neschen's solvoprint/printlux nolite 165 budget variant is the cost-effective display media for roll-up and 4-screen systems.   Like the stronger solvoprint/printlux nolite 360, it represents very high quality with regards to printability and colour space.  A silver backing makes solvoprint/printlux nolite 165 light-proof.  If additional surface protection is required for more than standard use, filmolux easy clear sand is particularly suitable.

The light-permeable (translucent) solvoprint/printlux citylight superior is a polyester film with a matt inkjet coating, specially designed for light boxes.  It can be used with and without background lighting.  Thanks to the high degree of whiteness, it delivers brilliant, high-contrast colours all the way to deep black.

In addition, Neschen will present new textiles - made in Germany - DYEtex flag 110 B1, DYEtex display 220 B1 and VARItex decoframe 250 B1 CA.  DYEtex flag and DYEtex display are pure sublimation media for flags/banners and display systems, available with attractive prices for volume purchases.

The particular highlight amongst these three 'Made in Germany' products is the multifunctional capability of the polyester textile VARItex decoframe.  As well as Dye-Sub, a novel coating allows other modern inkjet printing processes to be used without negatively affecting the haptic of the textile itself while the colours remain bright, vibrant and brilliant.

"Users can obtain our print media directly from the manufacturer", explained Sarah Janes, md of Neschen UK.  "And with matching protection films we can guarantee the constant high quality of the finished product.  All our products are 'acid-tested' and entirely suited to the application."

Putting its money where its mouth is, so to speak, Neschen is again arranging live demonstrations on its stand, where attention will be focused on the solvent adhesive-based solvoclear UV range.  Black cardboard will be laminated in parallel with the Neschen product and another market-established product.

Head of marketing & communications, Frank Seemann, said "Visitors will see a significant optical difference in this comparison: with the Neschen laminate displaying a significantly better quality directly after lamination compared with the competitor product due to the selected solvent adhesive recipe.  This is a decisive advantage for Neschen laminates, particularly in these times where jobs sometimes need to be completed within hours.  Therefore, it is without doubt the best solution for rapid and permanent outdoor use whatever the weather."