New digital films and ‘extended life’ window graphics from Avery Dennison now available from Spandex

Avery Dennison window films Spandex LFR

Spandex has announced a further extension and upgrade of its portfolio of Avery Dennison™ films. This includes the addition of two new short term matt promotional films; the MPI™ 3026 Matt Supertack and MPI™ 3010 Matt, combining excellent value and trusted quality, as well as extended durability of the latest range of its window films, for longer lasting results.

New short-term matt promotional films

The MPI™3026 Matt Supertack and MPI™ 3010 Matt films provide users with an affordable product that offers the trusted Avery Dennison quality and levels of service for applications where value is important.

The special extra-strong Supertack adhesive of the 95-micron MPI 3026 ensures reliable adhesion to previously unsuitable and challenging surfaces, including structured walls and apolar substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylene. In addition, the MPI 3026 offers excellent printability and is easy to handle, cut and apply.

The 80-micron MPI 3010 Series has been extended to include a new matt film for indoor applications, complementing the existing gloss-finished display film more suited to outdoor displays. The films are fully printable and offer improved whiteness for truly vibrant colours to provide greater opportunities for a wider range of cost effective applications on large and flat surfaces

Extended durability on Avery Dennison Window Films

Spandex is also stocking the latest range of ‘extended-life’ Avery Dennison window films, which can quickly and cost-effectively transform indoor architectural glazed walls, doors and partitions.

Key to this latest range upgrade is the increase of indoor durability of its polymeric and cast technology products, with the Crystal and Dusted glass films now offering a two year extended lifespan of up to nine years. The Etched and Frosted options offer an increase in durability from nine to 15 years, making them ideal for high performance, long-lasting applications.

The full Avery Dennison range of window films available from Spandex comprises:

Crystal, Dusted, Etched, Frosted, Gloss Gold and Ultra Clear films. The Crystal and Dusted glass films also come with EasyApply™ technology for a quick, smooth and bubble-free application.

These products as well as the complete portfolio of Avery Dennison’s films including self-adhesive vinyls and a variety of digital, vehicle wrapping, reflective, fluorescent, translucent and overlaminate films are available from Spandex for next-day delivery.

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