New range of digitally printable textiles now available from Amari Digital Supplies


A new range of digitally printable textiles is now available from Amari Digital Supplies (ADS). They are manufactured in Germany by JM Technical Textiles and carry the Mediatex trademark brand.

All of the textiles are PVC-free and have individual as well as common design characteristics to enhance their performance capabilities as well as broadening the range of signage and graphics applications that can be accommodated. Key attributes of the products include, according to their specific applications, certified flame resistance to recognised international standards, low ink consumption for enhanced cost efficiency, water, stain and tear resistance and no creasing or curling in use. The textiles can also be processed using all of the main ink technologies (solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable and Latex) and most of the popular printers, including Roland, Mimaki, AGFA, Mutoh, VUTek, Durst and Seiko. Selected products also incorporate a multi-layer polymer coating that imparts a high degree of whiteness to ensure optimum print quality.

Key products in the range include the 200gsm Presto FR for backdrops, trade show graphics and tensioning and framing systems, the 180gsm Light Fabric FR for light banners and trade show graphics and the 140gsm Illuminance FR that incorporates a special micro-porous polymer coating and can be used for indoor backlit displays, light boxes and tensioning and framing systems. Completing the Mediatex range are the 290gsm Grey Back Textile and the 370gsm Botticelli Textile that has been developed primarily for canvas prints but can also be used in tensioning and framing systems.

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