SEAL Graphics launches lower-cost films for 2010

Seal Pro Gloss

According to SEAL Graphics, a world leader in image and print finishing solutions, one way it is helping printers and print finishers combat the effects of the recession is by offering them lower-cost alternatives to some of its best-selling laminates.

Chief among these is 'PrintShield Pro Gloss Anti-graffiti'.  According to the company, the low take-up of anti-graffiti films has more to do with their perceived price than their suitability in applications.  So the company has come up with an obvious remedy: a lower cost film!  The new gloss film is a solvent-based, pressure-sensitive laminate for use with a wide range of digital media and is especially suitable for outdoor applications such as those using rigid PVC or aluminium composite panels.

In addition to providing excellent protection against UV exposure, this tough film also resists degradation by cleaners and chemicals commonly used to remove vandalism caused by marker pens and even aerosols.  SEAL Graphics claims the film provides an excellent bond when used with UV directly printable panels and offers a life expectancy of around 24 months.