Sihl Direct UK launches ClearSOL WetCling Film for solvent and latex inks

Sihl Clearsol Pic

Sihl Direct UK has launched a transparent polyester film for window advertising applications. The new film clings to the window surface when the special coating is activated by soapy water, making it extremely simple to apply and easy to remove.

The ClearSOL WetCling Film 125 glossy has a solvent and latex compatible coating and offers an excellent colour reproduction and quality printed image. The clear film has a special coating, which when soaked with soapy water activates a cling effect glue.

This glue means the film can cling to many smooth surfaces, allowing the printed side of the film to be displayed on, for example, glass, aluminium or Dibond. Excess fluid can be squeezed out using a normal window scraper. Thanks to this glue coating the printed image is protected from any mechanical wear and tear and can be removed without leaving residue. As the glue is only activated by soapy water, no release liner is needed, producing less waste during application.

Ian Turnbull, Operations Director at Sihl Direct UK, says, “This product is very simple but very effective. It’s so easy to use and none of the printed quality is lost. The product delivers excellent colour brilliance and high colour saturation. It’s also suitable for use with latex inks, so is a good all round product.”

The ClearSOL WetCling Film is available from Sihl Direct UK and authorised resellers.

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