05 Dec 2021

Sihl Group UK Launches New LFP Canvas Media

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Hot-on-the-heels of the launch of new eco-friendlier poster papers, Sihl has announced new, high quality large format coated canvas media for the UK signs, advertising and art print sectors.

The Bern-based inkjet media specialist says it has developed Miro Gallery Canvas white 340 and Fortuna Artist Canvas white 400 specifically to meet growing demand for highest quality media in the artist sector.

Both materials have a bright white coating, providing a very wide color gamut, ranging from transparent color gradients to exceptionally high color densities.

Sihl said prints on the new media boast 'photorealistic appearance and outstanding form stability.'

"The special coating on these very high quality canvas products enables them to absorb large amounts of ink. This means that even critical, dark and uniform areas of color or grey can be homogeneously reproduced. The matt inkjet coating is water-resistant allowing users to print durable, waterproof motifs," said Sam Iliaifar, Sihl Group UK area sales manager.

Key features and benefits:

Sihl Miro Gallery Canvas white 340matt 3580-340 gsm

• 1:1 structure guarantees highest print quality.

• Polyester/cotton base provides excellent dimensional stability and rigidity.

• Exceptionally flexible coating will not break when stretched over a canvas frame.

• Coating can be further refined with varnish or spray.

• Guaranteed long-term picture quality with pigment inks.

• High quality results across all standard printing systems.

Sihl Fortuna Artist Canvas white 400 matt 358 – 400 gsm

• Matt surface 400 gsm canvas provides optimum print quality for the art print market.

• 2:1 linen structure creates 'valuable and exclusive' appearance.

• Resistant to cracks.

• Printed picture impervious to water splashes.

• Strong contrast print possible using small quantities of ink.

• Perfect for the indoor sector.

• Printer compatible—but with a sharp focus on latest printer systems using pigment inks.

• Canvas can be treated with varnish or spray.

"The polyester/cotton base of the Miro Gallery Canvas white 340 provides superb dimensional stability and rigidity. This canvas will satisfy the most demanding customers searching for solutions in the indoor sector of the advertising market—but also those working with framed works of art," said Iliaifar. "The new Fortuna Artist Canvas white 400 gsm is just the perfect answer in the art print sector. It's highly flexible, waterproof and delivers a compelling' expensive-looking' finished product."

Both media are available now in various widths and 12 meter lengths.