25 Jan 2022

Sihl Launches Products for UK Markets

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Sihl has launched two new additions to its vinyl and canvas range in the UK.

A 'global first' for the company sees the introduction of Premium Vinyl SA 270 glossy 3585, a permanent self-adhesive vinyl film with a glossy microporous coating.

Simultaneously, Sihl launched its first-ever glossy canvas; Fortuna Artist Canvas 350 glossy 3582, aimed at customers seeking a superior fine art solution.

The new vinyl film, incorporating the group's microporous coating technology, is one of the few self-adhesive, water resistant glossy coating products in the sector and has been developed with an aqueous, acrylate-based permanent adhesive.

"We continue to innovate in the large format media inkjet printing arena. Sihl Premium Vinyl SA270 glossy 3585 is completely compatible with dye-based inks and the latest generation of pigment inks. And with this new coating our customers have access to the first ever water-resistant SA vinyl product suitable for this printing sector," said Sam Iliaifar, area sales manager, Sihl Group UK. "Our new coating ensures an even gloss in both printed and unprinted areas and by avoiding optical brightening agents the film doesn't turn yellow as a result of oxidation. This means pictures retain their original appearance for longer."

Other key features include:

  • High color saturation
  • Fast drying time
  • Indoor and short-term outdoor usage potential
  • A range of applications including floor advertising (combined with appropriate laminated films) signs, banners, vehicle advertising, POS materials, decorations and a raft of short-term advertising media.

The new vinyl will, over time, replace the two older adhesive films available in the range; Standard Vinyl SA 240 Glossy 3828 with swellable coating (only suitable for dye inks) and the first generation Classic Vinyl WR SA 280 satin 3634.

The new microporous coated Fortuna Artist Canvas 350 glossy 3582 is Sihl's first high-gloss coated canvas with a 2:1 structure and targets customers looking to create superior fine art products.

"The basic material comprises a robust, dimension-stable polyester/cotton blend, enabling prints to be easily stretched across canvas frames. And thanks to its glossy coating, high color and black densities (that exceed comparative rival products) can be achieved. The color gamut on this new product has been significantly increased, giving prints an exceptionally vibrant edge. The coating is highly flexible, does not break when stretched over frame edges and because it is free of brightening agents the pigment inks remain age-resistant and color-fast," said Iliaifar. "Add to the mix rapid drying times, water resistance plus compatibility with all current printing systems and we are convinced we have a winner with this outstanding product."

Apart from the production of framed works of art, the new canvas is intended primarily for the printing of high-quality photos and images; advertisements for the indoor sector, restaurants, stores, office buildings and private homes.

The canvas can be ordered in standard reel widths and 12 meter lengths.