Soyang Europe honours Soyang Technologies with wall graphic

Soyang Europe honours long-standing partnership with Soyang Technologies with celebratory wall graphic.

To celebrate its long-standing partnership with Soyang Technologies, the team at Soyang Europe has created a unique timeline graphic, which has been installed at its Lancashire headquarters.

The project, which visualises key moments in Soyang’s history, starts with the original Hangzhou Daya PVC Tarpaulin Trading Company being founded in 1999; the company that then went on to establish Soyang Technologies 5 years later.

“The timeline is a great way of demonstrating visually where we’ve come from and the Soyang story that started almost twenty years ago,” explains Soyang Europe’s Managing Director, Mark Mashiter. “Having it installed at our headquarters gives all our visitors the opportunity to understand and be part of Soyang’s history. It was printed and installed by Image Co in Leeds and they did a smashing job.”

The timeline graphic, which measures over 9.5m long, was printed onto Polycril GW; a printable, seamless wall covering distributed by the company, which is ideal for covering large areas.

Images of the Soyang, UK and Chinese flags flying together are featured in the design, as well as a significant moment captured in 2004 as Mashiter signs contracts with Lily Li, founder of Soyang Technologies. Also included are premises past and present, including the company’s relocation to Bury in 2005 due to rapid expansion and Calder House in Altham, which has been the company’s distribution centre since 2014, housing over 1.5 million metres of material.

The design also pays homage to the significant investment Soyang Technologies has made in its manufacturing facilities over the last 20 years, highlighting new coating lines and the state-of-the-art factory that opened in Haining, China in 2013.

“We’ve come a long way since 1999 followed by the founding of Soyang Europe in 2005, and the more recent images on the timeline show the investment that’s being made in the new factory in China to develop the next generation of printable textiles,” concludes Mashiter. “I wonder what the next 20 years has in store for us. It’s a good job we have other walls we can utilise for all the new memories we plan to create.”