25 Jan 2022

Spandex Introduces ImagePerfect Sun Protective Films



New line of functional media blocks UV rays, contributes to cost and energy saving

Spandex has once again increased the breadth of its extensive materials range with the addition of a brand new portfolio of ImagePerfect Sun Protective Films. Comprising interior films for vehicle glass and interior/exterior options for building glass, the products include a number of tint and mirrored effects which offer an important and effective means of reducing the impact of UV rays and improving personal comfort, as well as contributing to cost savings on energy consumption.

Increasingly popular, window tinting or film protection has been recommended by Skin Cancer Foundations, thanks to the ability to block UV rays. Importantly, the tint and mirror effects of Spandex’s new ImagePerfect Sun Protective Films allow for the relevant absorption and reflection of UV rays, with up to 99% of incoming ultraviolet rays eliminated via their UV filters.

Spandex’s new ImagePerfect Sun Protective Films comprise:

Vehicle Glass Films

Engineered specifically for interior use in vehicles, Spandex’s ImagePerfect 100 Series consists of eleven films, ranging from various shades of grey and black, which incorporate mirrored and transparent effects. Although a vehicle can provide substantial shading, the glass areas do not block UV rays, which can increase the implications for skin and eye problems for some passengers. Spandex’s 100 Series of Sun Protective Films has been designed specifically to overcome this problem and, by doing so, enhance the overall driver and passenger experience.

Building Glass Films

The use of Spandex’s ImagePerfect 200 and 300 Series for exterior and interior flat glass applications respectively, offer a number of important comfort and cost-saving benefits in both domestic and commercial environments. This initial line of fourteen films meets the dual requirement of blocking the transmission of UV light, while allowing the required level of visible light. As well as affording skin protection from direct and indirect UVA, Spandex’s 200 and 300 Series serve as a contributory means of protecting both furniture and fabric from fading. In addition, the new films drastically reduce interior temperatures, thereby improving personal comfort and contributing to savings on energy consumption of air conditioning systems. Spandex’s ImagePerfect Sun Protective Films also includes the innovative 500 Series, which consists of speciality indoor films, such as transparent safety film.

“As well as performance films for various decorative and promotional requirements, Spandex is delighted to offer media that delivers highly sought after and recommended functional attributes”, says Roland Keller, Executive Director Aftermarket Product Management, Spandex. “Our established and popular ImagePerfect range is renowned among signmakers and large format business owners as a true revenue-enhancing product portfolio. Based on market feedback, we fully anticipate these latest additions to extend this capability by specifically meeting the practical requirements of customers.”

Spandex’s new ImagePerfect Sun Protective Films complement the company’s existing brand of media and further expands the most comprehensive portfolio of carefully selected digital and signage materials on the market. Comprising a unique selection of exclusive, high-quality yet competitively-priced materials, Spandex’s ImagePerfect range includes environmentally-friendly, non-PVC media; fire-rated options; and the recently introduced PerfectApply line, which features an innovative air-egress adhesive system for an ultra-smooth, bubble free application.