23 Jun 2021

Epson Sets New Proofing Reference Point


Epson Proofing Paper

Epson's new paper set to raise European proofing standards

Epson has enhanced its range of FOGRA certified proofing paper with the introduction of Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240. Offering the look and feel of more traditional contract proofing media, it delivers a high-degree of colour precision, white point accuracy and stability to the inkjet proofing industry.

Martin Johns, Market Development Manager, Epson UK said: "This new paper is an important product for a niche market with a focus on the magazine proofing sector."

Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 gives superb results for mission-critical print jobs such as contract printing, and is optimised for use with Epson's UltraChrome family of inks.

Part of the latest generation of inkjet proofing solutions, Standard Proofing Paper 240 completes the product offering from Epson in this range.  Providing superior print quality with instant drying, it is able to deliver Epson's widest colour gamut yet in a range of applications that require the highest proofing standards available today.

Standard Proofing Paper 240 is a heavier, opaque version of the previously available 205 proofing paper solution. It is sold in 30.5 metre rolls in widths of 17" - 44" and A3+ cut sheets are also available. A five-sheet sample pack will be included with each Epson Stylus Pro printer.

For more information visit: www.epson.co.uk


  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 for A3+ (10 Sheets) RRP: £11.11 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 for A3+ (100 sheets) RRP: £97.70 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 17"X 30.5m RRP: £80.82 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 24" X 30.5m RRP: £114.39 (Exc.Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 44" x 30.5m RRP: £209.64 (Exc.Vat)


Two Sides and BPIF launch initiative to recruit new Printer Membership

Two Sides

Benefits of membership to be broadcast by BPIF

Two Sides, the UK initiative to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and encourage its use as an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium, today launched an initiative to attract more printers to its campaign. Promoting awareness of the sustainability of print and paper as a 'Renewable, Recyclable and Powerful' medium, Two Sides is encouraging UK printers to recognise the benefits of membership and add their names to the campaign's growing numbers.

"It is important that more printers get on board and join the Two Sides campaign. Print and Paper is our livelihood and with 80% of media buyers admitting that environmental considerations affect the print buying decision, the industry needs to do all it can to promote the message that print is both a sustainable and effective medium," says Martyn Eustace, Two Sides Director.

The benefits of joining the Two Sides campaign are considerable. As a member of the UK arm of a Europe-wide campaign, printers are able to demonstrate their own focus on sustainability, reassuring existing and potential customers of their company's commitment to environmentally responsible print production. Membership provides access to important information on emerging sustainability issues and the challenges the industry is facing. Two Sides encourages members to use these facts in discussions with clients and prospects to demonstrate a responsible approach to print and paper production and leadership in the drive for sustainability. In addition, Two Sides provides sales collateral for printers to use including the logo which identifies their commitment and participation in the campaign. Two Sides also provides opportunities for printers to showcase themselves and their proactive approach to responsible business practices on the Two Sides website.

"With fees starting from £150 the price of membership isn't very high, especially when you consider the opportunities for the campaign to increase the demand for print media and equip individual printers to maximise sales opportunities," Martyn Eustace points out.

The BPIF is supporting the Two Sides' drive to boost printer membership with a number of initiatives to encourage participation throughout its own membership. Using its in-house magazine, Inprint, as well as personal letters to its members, the BPIF will promote the Two Sides message to 2,400 UK printing companies.

Andrew Brown, Corporate Affairs Director at the BPIF, comments: "The Two Sides campaign is too important to leave to the paper industry. Printers must stand up and be proud to be counted as part of an industry that uses a recyclable product and sustainable and renewable resources. They need their media buying customers to know, unequivocally, that using print is not damaging to the environment and so help to keep print and paper an essential part of marketeers' media buying."

Gerber Scientific Releases White Security Label Stock

Gsp Logo

Gerber Scientific Products has announced the immediate release of its new White Security Label Stock, an EDGE READY product. Gerber Scientific Products is committed to expanding its label stock product line with new options that are tested by our material qualification process and function seamlessly with its Gerber EDGE FX thermal transfer printing system.

After many customer requests, the company has developed the new White Security Label Stock in both 15-inch by 10-yard and 15-inch by 50-yard sizes.

This 2-mil white polyester film is used in the production of identification markings with tamper-evident protection. Once the Gerber White Security Label Stock is applied, it cannot be removed without leaving a "VOID" pattern. If removal is attempted, the "VOID" pattern will be left behind and the label cannot be reapplied.

Spandex ImagePerfect Range Delivers ‘Never-Before-Seen’ Levels of Colour

Spandex ImagePerfect

New Plus products improve printable output quality, durability and cost-effectiveness

Spandex, the pioneering one-stop supplier of complete and innovative solutions to the digital printing and sign making industries worldwide, has announced further additions to its popular ImagePerfect™ range of materials with two new white gloss polymeric vinyl media.

Both the IP 2503 Plus and the IP 2503PA Plus (PerfectApply) deliver increased benefits to sign makers and digital printers in terms of printable output quality, durability and cost-effectiveness. Expanding the range of opportunities across indoor and outdoor signage applications, the two new ImagePerfect materials have been engineered for digital printing on large-format inkjets and are compatible with all eco-solvent, solvent and UV-cured inks.

“Our new IP 2503 Plus products represent a genuine milestone in printable polymerics”, says Roland Keller, Executive Product Director, Spandex. “The creation of advanced new print profiles assures users dramatically increased improvements in density and ink-limit on the new materials, the result of which is never-before-seen levels of colour gamut that will astound customers.”


IP 2503 Plus White Gloss Polymeric Vinyl

Spandex’s new 70μ white gloss IP 2503 Plus incorporates a permanent solvent-based adhesive and delivers a quantum leap in terms of the output quality achieved by ImagePerfect printable polymeric vinyls. This enables users to create a plethora of stunning and vibrant indoor and outdoor projects that include markings and decorations, and vehicle graphics.

IP 2503 Plus also features specific polymeric, non-migrating plasticisers and UV stabilisers, which ensure long-term outdoor durability in temperature ranges from -30°C to +90°C. In addition, the product benefits from an aesthetic face-lift via the incorporation of a super-white liner, which offers the added benefit of ensuring increased layflat. The product is also available with an IP 2810-101, IP 2810-200 or ImagePerfect™ water-based liquid laminate offering UV protection.


IP 2503PA Plus White Gloss Polymeric Vinyl

Spandex’s IP 2503PA Plus polymeric vinyl delivers all the benefits of the IP 2503 Plus variant, while also offering the recently introduced PerfectApply bubble-free technology to facilitate application. Thanks to the inclusion of an innovative air-egress adhesive system that utilises embossing patterns on the release liner, users achieve an ultra-smooth print surface that eradicates bubbles and wrinkles during vinyl applications. The result is vibrant, high-quality printed graphics at any viewing distance.

IP 2503PA Plus also incorporates a state-of-the-art film and liner combination that affords much greater levels of printed output than is the case with the original IP 2503PA product.

The ImagePerfect™ range of Signage and Digital materials is distributed in Europe exclusively by Spandex. For more information please visit www.spandex.com

Planet display range offers greater choice for greener consumers

Eurostand Display

Answering its customers’ clear calls for more environmentally-friendly display systems, Eurostand Display has wasted no time in expanding its already wide product range to satisfy this demand.

The Essex-based trade-only display specialist has launched its Planet range to provide what the company says is a greener alternative to conventional display systems. The range is a high-quality portfolio of roll-ups, tension banner and literature display stands built to exacting standards using only renewable, high quality bamboo.

Eurostand Display’s National Account Manager Sam Mooney works closely with his trade clients and says he has heard the voice of the green consumer growing ever-louder in recent months.

‘There’s definitely been an increase in the number of people consciously and deliberately seeking out ethical options when making their consumer choices,’ he says. ‘With our Planet range, people get enormous satisfaction from being given the opportunity to choose products that align with their own ethical values.’

With the great majority of display products manufactured from materials such as aluminium, systems crafted from natural, renewable and recyclable materials are increasingly desirable as alternatives. Having long been recognised as an excellent manufacturing material in Asia, the enormous benefits of bamboo are now being realised globally.

The entire lifecycle of products in the Planet range is positive, says Mooney: ‘Sure, it is about producing products made from materials that come from sustainable sources. But it is also important that when the products reach the end of their useful life, they are recyclable and, ultimately, biodegradable.’

Bamboo crops are entirely sustainable and, unlike traditional hardwood, can be harvested every year without destroying forestry. The plant’s shoots grow to maturity in only 4-6 years and so, as a crop, it is endlessly renewable.

Products within the Planet range are also protected with an eco-friendly lacquer coating to further enhance their natural look and feel. This coating has also passed rigorous testing under the REACh (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) regulations – the latest European Community regulation on chemicals and their safe use.

‘Properly-treated bamboo is ideal for display products as it doesn’t swell, shrink or mark in the manner of hardwood,’ says Mooney. ‘It is also lightweight, durable and elegant. Plus, like all Eurostand Display’s products, our Planet range comes with a five-year guarantee.’


Neschen announce Digital Print Media for HP’s latex inks


Neschen Media for HP Latex Printers

Neschen has announced the availability of five digital print media certified by HP as suitable for use with the latter’s recently-announced latex inks.  Two are self-adhesive vinyl substrates and three are digital wallpapers.

Sarah Janes, managing director of Neschen UK, told us “We worked in close collaboration with HP to develop these print media so we know that not only do they provide high quality finished output, but also they offer versatility in applications.”

Used together with the HP Designjet L65500, printers can produce displays for POP, exhibitions and vehicle graphics even street and building advertising not to mention commercial and domestic interiors with Neschen media.

The self-adhesive ‘solvoprint’ vinyls are available in 80 and 100 microns thicknesses in white with either a glossy or matt finish.  They have a permanent adhesive and an M1 fire rating.

The digital wallpapers are available in three grades.  The 295g/m2 ‘solvoprint P’ is a PVC coated paper in a choice of five embossed/textured finishes.  It has excellent print qualities, is scratch-resistant and comes with a B1 fire certification.

The heavier Solvoprint NW is a 475g/m2 non-woven fleece which makes it easier to remove from walls when no longer required.  It, too, offers excellent print quality, scratch-resistance, a B1 fire rating and is available in four textures.

Also available is an ERFURT wallpaper of approximately 200g/m2.  It is finished with a Color Alliance-certified* inkjet coating applied to a non-PVC, 100 per cent non-woven base in a choice of four textures.  As supplied it is fire rated according to DIN 4102-B1.

* The Color Alliance coating, developed by Neschen, provides much better colour properties on digital printed media.  As a result, a lot less ink is applied by inkjet printers to produce the same colour density.  Alternatively, when using the same amount of ink as previously, the colours will look even more brilliant:  the colours appear to have more depth and intensity and therefore cover a much greater colour space.

Worldwide, Neschen supplies printable, coated and enhanced sheet media, such as plastic and paper foils, but also textiles for printing service providers.  Photographers, interior designers, advertising agencies, architects and others can all draw on a vast product portfolio for any application. The German coating specialist is particularly well known for its jumbo-size media for large format printing.