20 May 2024

InteliCoat Technologies Adds MAGIC POS PRO+ 400 Blockout Film

Large Format Roll Media 

InteliCoat Technologies has introduced Magic POS PRO+ 400 at the 2009 SGIA Expo. The most recent addition to InteliCoat’s POS PRO+ product family, the 16.2 mil printable, anti-curl blockout film achieves optimum design for long lasting, durable tradeshow graphics.

"Due to the popularity of the POS PRO+ product line, we are constantly receiving ideas for new and exciting additions," said Jennifer Chagnon, product manager at InteliCoat Technologies. "We designed POS PRO+ 400 for use in tradeshow graphic applications where rigidity is key. Its high durability will enable customers utilizing all types of printing systems to realize success in the tradeshow arena."

Achieving the optimum design for long lasting, durable graphics, POS PRO+ 400 was specifically created for universal printing, including aqueous, solvent, eco solvent and UV cure printing systems. The most rigid product within the POS PRO+ family of products, POS PRO+ 400 will replace POS PRO+300.


Neschen Introduces New Pure Colour Apollo Flag

Neschen logo 

Neschen has added Neschen Apollo Flag to the Pure Colour Media Family. The new flag media is engineered to be sturdy and lightweight, allowing for the creation of dramatic messaging. It features a specialty coating that delivers photo realistic imaging with a wide colour gamut, fast dry time, and excellent scratch resistance.

This 100 percent transparent polyester textile is sturdy with paper backing and is lightweight (3.2 oz/sqyd). The satin finish provides a unique look that is ideal for flag creation, window draperies, wall hangings, indoor and outdoor banner display, retail signage, and POP display- anywhere eye-catching visuals are required. The Apollo Flag is the product of choice for bright color printing with great bleed through.

The Apollo Flag is designed for use with most solvent, eco solvent, and uv printers in the market. The paper backing features allows it to be printed without the use of a mesh printing kit. Available sizes include 42 inches by 100 feet, 54 inches by 100 feet, and 64 inches by 100 feet.

Neschen Launches New Digital Media Solutions

Neschen logo 

Neschen has launched several products in its Digital Print Media line—New SolvoPrint Gotham PVC Blockout, SolvoPrint Daytona PVC Banner, SolvoPrint Easy Panel 220, Printex Easy Banner Light, and Printex Easy Banner Heavy.

New SolvoPrint Easy Panel 220 (8.66 mil) joins the existing Easy Panel 310 (12 mil) & Easy Panel 430 (17 mil) product range for use with solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks. These rigid PVC products employ a special inkjet coating to produce excellent print quality and strong color vibrancy when used with solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks. They are nearly opaque, as well as scratch and water resistant—ideal for printing trade show graphics for use with the Expolinc Roll-up Classic, Roll-up Professional and Pop-up display systems. Neschen recommends over-laminating these products for added durability and protection.

SolvoPrint Daytona PVC Banner is a 13-ounce PVC product perfect for cost-effective messaging. Ideal for frontlit banners and displays, it can be used both indoors and outdoors for up to one year.

SolvoPrint Gotham PVC Blockout is a 13-ounce PVC that is 100 percent opaque and provides total protection from light washout. Its blockout properties also allow it to be double-side printed. Its smooth surface, bright white point and no edge curl enhance your messaging. PVC Gotham is also durable outdoors for up to 18 months.

Printex Easy Banner Light, a 7.5 mil polyester fabric, and Printex Easy Banner Heavy, an 11.2 mil polyester fabric, are both base coated with an inkjet surface coating that supports aqueous dye and pigment based inks. They offer excellent color reproduction and performance in hanging banner and roll up banner stands. Easy Banner Light (5 ounce) works best for light to medium duty, as well as in backlit applications. Easy Banner Heavy is a sturdy 7.1 ounce media that offers both opacity and durability. Finishing is a snap with both products, as they can be cut without fraying or edge curl.

Multimedia graphic solutions take centre stage

Eurostand Displays

Eurostand Display says it has opened a world of opportunity with its latest range of audio visual graphics systems.
The Essex-based trade-only supplier has just added an integral large screen option into its best-selling Centro modular display system range. Eurostand says the addition has generated a buzz of interest from customers keen to exploit the enormous opportunities that multimedia brings to a wide range of applications.
With its contemporary design and anodised aluminium construction, Eurostand says Centro was always designed to be elegant, durable and functional. The beauty of the system is that you only have to buy it once, says the firm's National Account Manager Sam Mooney.
Its scaleable and adaptable, with standardized fittings, so you can add to it at any time, or rearrange the elements to suit your need. And now with the large screen display as an integral option, the system has evolved with dynamic content and sound to bring a brand new dimension to any display application.
Whether you want a graceful showroom backdrop or a more refined presence at a trade show, Centro is one of the most professional solutions available  and, even better, it now incorporates audio as well as visual capabilities.
Gaining and holding peoples attention has always been the challenge facing designers of display systems. In terms of noticeability the Centro Theatre system cleverly marries high resolution moving images, interactivity and sound with graphics that surround and reinforce the screen and audio content. The three media working in tandem are an extremely powerful combination in any situation, says Mooney.
At a time when every penny of marketing budgets is having to work harder, the Centro Theatre Systems add a persuasive dimension to static displays that can only enhance the noticeablity and effectiveness of our customers campaigns.
The combination is entirely customisable to suit users' individual requirements and budgets, says Eurostand. Applications that particularly benefit from this combination of static and dynamic media include trade shows, seminars, point-of-sale and showrooms.
The screen and graphic elements can be used as a stand-alone presentation, or be seamlessly integrated into a full-size Centro exhibition stand. Eurostand says that screen sizes between 23 and 42 can be incorporated into the system cleanly, simply and easily.

Drytac launches two new products for outdoor applications

Drytac logo

Drytac is proud to offer two brand new liquid laminate coatings, answering the prayers of those in industries such as fleet graphics, outdoor signage and lorry-side curtains.

Both the coatings develop a tough exterior finish that is scratch and abrasion resistant and able to withstand the rigors of commercial vehicle cleaning using industrial chemicals.

Drytac’s EnduraCoat UltraMaxx, is a water-based gloss liquid laminate tailored for use on both eco-solvent and UV ink prints. As well as general indoor graphics, fleet graphics, outdoor signage, lorry-side curtains and billboard displays are just some or the applications EnduraCoat UltraMaxx is perfect for.

Secondly Drytac’s InstaCure SuperFlex a new UV curable clear, high gloss thermo-formable coating, flexible enough to form around rivets and stretch into compound and complex curves. Tests have also proved its ability to stretch up to six times its original size! The new liquid coating contains a proprietary blend of acrylate and non yellowing urethane UV curable polymers, to give coated prints flexibility. This product is ideal for use on applications requiring absolute maximum flexibility such as fleet and vehicle graphics.

Jim Tatum, Drytac’s liquid finishing division manager says “The combination of high speeds, made possible by our new roll to roll attachment, and low costs per square metre, customers can now not only compete, but for the first time in a long while make significant profits in this industry with these product applications.”

Antalis hosts 'Open House' in Wrapped Train

antalis wrapped train

Switzerland-based Antalis recently invited its customers to an “open house” held in a wrapped train that visited seven Swiss cities. The Applicator Network of Avery Graphics™ wrapped the train using the high-quality Avery® MPI 3001 Gloss White and Avery® DOL 3100 Matt.

Antalis CH is one of the largest Swiss distributors of communications support materials and a Swiss Avery Graphics™ distributor. In May 2009, Antalis decided to give a new dimension to the concept of an open house. Instead of the usual approach of inviting customers to the head office, Antalis rented an entire train and drove it to seven central stations in Switzerland, inviting customers to visit the train in the central station of their city.

To generate optimal marketing value, the train was completely wrapped by our Avery Graphics™ Applicator Network, using 1.25 km of Avery® MPI 3001 Gloss White. The film was printed, laminated with Avery® DOL 3100 Matt and applicated. The project took three days, including both evening and night shifts and involved between 11 and 13 applicators.

The project was a huge success, thanks to the high-quality specifications of both products. The use of a film that offers application flexibility and easy removability in combination with a laminate that’s ideal for short term applications, made it possible for the team to finish this project within the given deadline.