SALON IRIS announces adhesion promoter for UV-inkjet printing on glass

IRIS Glasprimer LFR

SALON IRIS, founded 1996 in Vienna, Austria, is a leading photo- and fine art digital print provider. When the studio extended its activities in 2012 with sophisticated digital wallpaper and flat glass printing capabilities, the team of owner Stefan Fiedler was facing new challenges.

Glass has a number of very specific properties when it comes to printing it at highest photographic quality with UV-inkjet inks. Besides achieving the best possible print quality the inks perfect adhesion to the glass surface becomes the most critical issue.

After thoroughly testing all processes and primers available on the market to improve the adhesion of UV-inkjet inks on glass, the experts at SALON IRIS determined that they are not sufficiently effective, too complex to apply, too hazardous or toxic or simply too expensive. After in-depth research and discussions with glass-coating specialists and chemists SALON IRIS decided to pursuit an innovative approach to have a completely new glass primer solution developed that is specifically well suited to be printed with UV-inkjet inks.

The result is now available: the IRIS Glass Primer

Key features include:
•    unsurpassed ink adhesion and water resistance
•    colourless, clear
•    low odour
•    efficient (min. 100m2 per litre)
•    drying at room temperature
•    1 component-system, ready to apply
•    ease of use

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IRIS Glasprimer kitchen LFR