20 Aug 2019

Sun Chemical mix and match options save Roland users costs and improve performance


Roland With Sun


Sign-makers and display producers using Roland DG printers can save money and improve quality, performance and adhesion by changing to the latest Sun Chemical Streamline inks without having to worry about flushing out their existing products.

Distributed solely by IGS UK’s channel of approved distributors, these Mix & Match solutions provide a true mix and match option. Saving on unnecessary labour and waste, their formulation allows them to be swapped on-the-fly with the additional benefit of being fully compatible with the machines’ original inks.

Currently available for all Roland printers currently running EcoSol Max inks, as well a formulation for the Mimaki JV3 series, Sun Chemical inks can also be mixed and matched with other solvent-based machines which use Epson DX4 print-heads.

Colour accuracy, reliability and durability are matched precisely to the original versions yet the inks are considerably cheaper to purchase.

Users changing from OEM to Sun Chemical do not have to renew profiles nor flush the existing inks out of their printers. As a guaranteed plug-and-play solution, these cost-effective products are formulated from the highest grade pigments using established chemistries which offer improvements in quality and longevity as well as a lower price point.

Sun Chemical Streamline Mix & Match options are designed to make change-over from original inks fast and easy, with no machine adjustments being necessary. Formulated to provide greater durability with less susceptibility to scratching and scuffing, these mix and match products also offer excellent jetting properties and print-head stability.

Finished prints on uncoated and coated materials have higher resistance to alcohol and cleaning fluids, with good outdoor durability removing the necessity for over-lamination. Sun Chemical inks are also proven in extended testing to lengthen the life expectancy of print-heads and feed configurations, yielding a greater return on investment with the machine itself.

Alternative and extended warranties for printers using these inks are available from Sun Chemical resellers. Full details are available by visiting IGS UK at www.igsuk.net/sun



Nazdar Announces New Lyson Inks for Mimaki Printers

Nazdar Logo

Nazdar has released new Lyson digital inks for Mimaki printers

Lyson 133 Series for the Mimaki JV33 & CJV OEM color comparable, no profiling necessary in most situations High intensity, high gloss colors with excellent adhesion and flexibility on most media Reliable unattended printing

Lyson 155 Series for the Mimaki JV5 OEM color comparable Excellent print head and nozzle performance Extended exterior performance with proven resistance to UV degradation and color fading

The new inks are available in 440ml. cartridges or 1-liter bulk bottles. Technical data sheets and more information are available on www.nazdar.com.

The 133 and 155 Series inks expand the Lyson product portfolio of solvent and UV-curable ink compatible with popular digital inkjet printers.

"The market has been asking for OEM ink alternatives for the JV33 and JV5 printers. With the success of the Lyson 1300 series in the JV3 install base, we are confident these two new products will meet market expectations," said Richard Bowles, vice president and general manager, Nazdar.

Drytac adds bamboo fiber printable fabric to its EarthSmart product line


Drytac has added Panda Print, an opaque bamboo fiber printable fabric to its EarthSmartTM line of eco-friendly products.  Panda Print is compatible with aqueous, eco-solvent and UV inkjet printers.

Manufactured in a closed loop, environmentally responsible process, Panda Print is 99.6% biodegradable and certified to be free of harmful chemicals by the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and Oeko Tex Standard 100 requirements.

The bamboo used to make Panda Print is grown on an organically farmed plantation and is not harvested from forests.

Panda PrintTM complements the Panda Stand  line of bamboo display products that includes the Panda StandTM Retractable and Pand StandTM L stand.  Its canvas-like texture also makes it suitable for fine-art applications such as museum wraps.

Panda Print is available in 36 inch (914 mm) and 50 inch (1270 mm) wide rolls.

Epson® Launches Metallicproof Film for Package Proofing and Mock-Ups

Epson Logo

Specifically developed for the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer to simulate metallic effects


Epson today launches its MetallicProof Film, a breakthrough material enabling packaging designers and pre-press houses to produce metallic effects on contract proofs, mock-ups and prototypes at a fraction of the cost of press proofs or earlier digital proofing systems. MetallicProof Film has been specially developed for use with the revolutionary new Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 inkjet printer, the only inkjet in the world to offer a water-based opaque white ink, and will be demonstrated for the first time at IPEX 2010 (May 18-25, Hall 10 C260).

Metallised foils are widely used for product labels and flexible packaging for snacks and confectionary products. This new metallic proofing film will be welcomed by designers and proofers, who can now preview accurate effects quickly and cost-effectively.

The Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer is already revolutionising packaging proofing. It prints high saturation UltraChrome HDR ink on a choice of proofing media, including clear films, paper and the new MetallicProof Film, on rolls or cut sheets up to 24 inches (609mm) wide.

Used on clear or metallic film, the Epson UltraChrome HDR White Ink provides an opaque base layer on the media enabling high colour saturation and resolution as if printed on paper. Alternatively, it can be used in combination with the printer's seven ink colours to create special effects such as pastels.

When printing onto the MetallicProof Film without using the white ink base, metallic colours can be achieved such as gold and bronze, as well as blues, reds, greens etc.

The MetallicProof Film features a specially-developed coating that is capable of high ink absorption for a wide colour gamut while delivering fast drying times for greater productivity.

Several proofing applications have already been released with drivers for the Stylus Pro WT7900 and specific controls for managing white ink placement. These include Compose Star Proof, EFI Fiery XF 4.1 and ColourProof XF 4.1 and GMG ColourProof.

MetallicProof Film is available in 100 foot (30.5m) long rolls of either 17 inch (432mm) or 24 inch (610mm) widths, priced at 539 or 770 Euros respectively. The film is 5.9 mil (150 microns) thick and joins the existing range of Epson ClearProof Film and CrystalClear Film, also developed specifically for the Stylus Pro WT7900.

ClearProof Film is intended for contract proofing and is a clear film with instant-dry capability. CrystalClear Film is a lower priced, optically-clear film intended for concepts and draft proofs.

Epson has also announced two other forthcoming materials for the Stylus Pro WT7900: ShrinkWrap Film and ClearProof Adhesive Film. These will be available later this year.


Epson MetallicProof Film key features

- Designed for the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer with UltraChrome HDR wide-gamut ink set with white

- High gloss mirror silver finish

- Can reproduce other metallic colours by overprinting coloured inks

-  Quick drying

- Media thickness: 5.9 mil (150 microns)

- 17 inch x 100 foot (432mm x 30.5m) rolls: 539 Euros

-  24 inch x 100 foot (610mm x 30.5m) rolls: 770 Euros

Spandex offers most popular ImagePerfect cleaning fluids collectively as entry-size starter pack


Spandex Ip Fluid Kit Vehicle

Spandex has broadened its growing accessories range with the addition of a convenient and cost-effective starter-sized fluid kit comprising four refillable one litre spray bottles of its popular ImagePerfect-branded cleaning and material preparatory fluids. Featuring ImagePerfect Surface Cleaner, Magic Apply application fluid, Adhesive Remover and Vinyl & Banner Cleaner, the new entry level ImagePerfect Fluid Kit offers sign and large format customers an easy and effective means of introducing themselves to some of the company’s best-selling, environmentally-friendly cleaners.


Each of the four ImagePerfect fluids will continue to be available separately in its standard size, five litre refill bottle, enabling customers to retain and refill the new entry-size bottles. This capability for re-use differentiates the ImagePerfect Fluid Kit from certain competitor offerings and delivers cost-savings, as well as environmental benefits.

The ImagePerfect Fluid Kit consists of:

ImagePerfect Surface Cleaner, a highly-engineered substrate cleaner that is extremely effective and accurate. IP Surface Cleaner enables sign and large format print users to ensure surfaces are professionally cl eaned and free of dirt or dust prior to the application of self-adhesive materials, thereby resulting in optimised bonding. It is suitable for use on sensitive materials such as foam boards and acrylics and covers a broad range of end-user requirements, including car bodies, signboxes, glass substrates, dry-wipe substrates, anodised aluminium and PVC banners.

ImagePerfect Magic Apply a bespoke application fluid that enables optimum working conditions on all surfaces, especially those considered difficult, such as glass, mirrors and flexible substrates like PVC banners. IP Magic Apply, which contains no oil-based ingredients, makes wet application faster and easier, whether applying vinyl letters and logos, large surface coverage, vehicle graphics or digital prints.

ImagePerfect Adhesive Remover Pro, a professional, ready-to-use and very powerful product for removing adhesive residue from a wide variety of surfaces. Its versatility and effectiveness is proven on substrates including car bodies, signboxes, windows, glass surfaces, plastic substrates, whiteboards, anodised aluminium and PVC banners.

ImagePerfect Vinyl & Banner Cleaner, an advanced and dependable cleaning product that completely and safely removes dust and dirt from any soft and semi-rigid vinyl, thereby restoring the original lustre of its surface. IP Vinyl & Banner Cleaner contains no harsh chemicals or phosphates and is completely solvent-free. Importantly, it will not damage or discolour the surface of either the vinyl itself or any solvent, eco-solvent or UV prints on the vinyl, thereby affording complete peace-of-mind. It is suitable for use on all types of vinyl, including outdoor signage, car-wraps, banners, tarpaulins, semi-rigid sheets, illuminated light boxes, etc.

“Our new entry-sized fluid kit offers the perfect means for signmaking professionals to facilitate their first use of some of Spandex’s most popular cleaning liquids and to see for themselves the terrific results they deliver”, says Roland Keller, Executive Director Aftermarket Product Management, Spandex. “This fluid kit represents just a fraction of Spandex’s extensive accessories range which is continually developed to ensure customers have the right tools to enable easier production of their sign and large format printed projects.”


Amari Plastics eco friendly polypropylene sheets for the print, signage, fabrication and industrial markets


Amari Bubble Board

Amari Plastics has entered in to partnership with an Italian manufacturer, Imballaggi Protettivi, to distribute its range of eco friendly polypropylene sheets for the print, signage, fabrication and industrial markets. Marketed under the name of Bubble Print Board, the product comes in several different formats – however the essential core of the product is Polypropylene shaped as bubbles. The product is neither a solid sheet nor a fluted sheet but has a super smooth printing surface and is rigid and strong at thin gauges such as 3mm, 5mm and 8mm.


The product is manufactured by a lamination process that brings together the core of the product – the bubble shaped Polypropylene- and 2 solid surfaces of Polypropylene to form a sheet. The cell structure of the bubble allows the sheet to be manufactured at lower weights than other Polypropylene sheets and still retain a strength and rigidity which outperforms its natural competition. The surface is matt white but can be made with other colours or finishes: It is also corona treated to ensure maximum ink adhesion when printed and is suitable for both external and internal applications.

Due to the versatility of the production process and the durability of the Bubble Print Board sheets it is also used in industrial applications such as vehicle lining and noise reduction. It is available as standard in 3mm, 5mm and 8mm in white in 2440 x 1220 and 3050 x 1550mm. The market applications for the product include short to medium term signage, election campaign poster boards, stadia advertising boards, general external print and Industrial estate agent boards.

Because of its structure and being a Polypropylene sheet it is 100% recyclable; furthermore it contains a % of side trim and reworked material from the factory waste output making it even more friendly to the environment. The product can also be purchased in a flame retardant version and an enhanced UV resistant version. Amari Plastics, with its sister company, Recycled Plastics, will be happy to help you recycle the product after its usage.