07 Jun 2020

HEXIS goes green with launch of new film


HEXIS USA will be exhibiting at this year's ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas to launch its new Latex digital printing film and gloss laminate destined for vehicle wrapping applications. Both films are free of all materials with certain environmental issues such as PVC, solvents, plasticisers and heavy metals. The compound is flexible and conformable enough to be suitable for car wraps and in general applications that demand a conformable film.

The HXL300WG2 has a thickness of 3.9mil and boasts a printed and laminated vertical outdoor exposure of 3 years. It can be printed with all types of solvent and eco-solvent inks including Mutoh Bio inks and HP Latex ink.

Also on show will be new multi-layered HX30000 cast vinyls with exciting surface structures such carbon, alligator and super-matt.

Both the Latex and the cast vinyls are for dry application and they carry a structured PE-liner to make the film repositionable during application and ease egress of trapped air bubbles.

At ISA in Las Vegas HEXIS is on booth # 1709. Two vehicle wraps will be on demo daily throughout the show.


Epson extends range of fine art papers

Epson Fine Art Paper

Epson® announces that its well-received range of fine art quality papers, previously only available in cut sheet sizes, are now also available in roll form.
The range of fine art papers - Hot Press Bright, Hot Press Natural, Cold Press Bright and Cold Press Natural – has become very popular within a very short space of time with leading artists, photographers, museums and galleries around the world. 
The range of papers - linen and acid-free, and made of 100% cotton – are available in warm white and bright white, with either a smooth or textured finishes. The textured versions have a distinctive patina that is reminiscent of traditionally-made watercolour paper with the advantage of consistency of finish and colour rendition. Optimised for use with Epson’s UltraChrome ink technology, and certified for use with the recently announced EPSON Digigraphie programme, they deliver outstanding results with richer blacks, smoother tonal transitions and an extended colour gamut. 
The papers are fully compatible with Epson’s recently-launched large format fine-art printers, the 24inch Epson Stylus Pro 7890 and 44inch Epson Stylus Pro 9890.
“Epson’s fine art papers are noted for their superb image quality, tactile characteristics and colour handling,” notes Martin Johns, market development manager, Pro-Graphics, Epson UK. “Offering the stock in rolls from 17 to 60 inches wide will allow artists and exhibitors greater freedom when producing very large or unusually-sized pieces, while faithfully reproducing all of the vibrancy and subtlety of the original work that the cut sheet sizes have become renowned for.”
Key Features

  • Unique surfaces produce an original look and feel, with exceptional print quality
  • Ph-Buffered 100% cotton substrate, free from linen and acid, ensures consistent and long-lasting results
  • Specially-developed coating gives wide colour gamut and rich blacks (high DMax)
  • Same quality and weight as existing cut-sheet media, thereby extending use to include large and/or unusual-sized prints.

Pricing, excluding VAT (50ft rolls)

  • 17in £88.15
  • 24in £117.78
  • 44in £221.48
  • 60in £258.52

X-Rite ships InkFormulation 6 and ColorQuality 6 Software

X Rite Logo

X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in colour management, measurement and communication technologies, today announced the immediate availability of version 6 of its InkFormulation and ColorQuality software packages. Developed for ink manufacturers and printers who formulate their own ink, X-Rite's InkFormulation provides a fast, accurate and consistent ink formulation, formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval solution for offset, flexographic, gravure and screen-printing inks. InkFormulation 6 and ColorQuality 6 give ink suppliers and printers more flexibility over recipes and assortments, improve basic materials handling, automatically determines the right ink film thickness and helps to eliminate hazardous waste.  InkFormulation 6 and ColorQuality 6 are now also XRGA compliant.
Thanks to a sophisticated maths engine that provides better prediction of ink interactivity with substrates, InkFormulation 6 is able to rapidly calculate the optimal and most cost-effective recipe based on the printing process, ink, illumination, pigment pricing, and number of components and materials to be used. InkFormulation 6 helps printers and ink suppliers speed up the ink formulation workflow process (including liquid inks and special inks), with consistent, reproducible results on a broad variety of substrates and ink film thicknesses, including transparent films and metalised substrates.  It also increases colour accuracy, helping to meet colour specifications better than ever before.
With version 6's newly improved Basic Material Module, users can work with a variety of additives within one assortment, allowing them to change a single additive in a recipe without having to re-do the draw down or create a completely new assortment. The new enhancements of this module significantly simplify the handling of assortments and recipes, giving users more control over their ink database.
The new Film Thickness Calibration Module allows users to quickly and precisely determine the right ink thickness for flexo, gravure and screen-printing. Users no longer need to re-measure known recipes for different line screens or rollers and adjust the film thickness manually; they can simply enter the roller or screen volume as a parameter. The software will automatically calculate the required film thickness and apply it to the whole assortment.
InkFormulation 6 and ColorQuality 6 now both support the new X-Rite Graphic Arts Standard (XRGA).  Databases in both applications contain XRGA data, and data being imported from connected instruments will automatically be converted, if necessary.  Version 5 databases will be automatically converted as well when imported into version 6.
X-Rite's renowned Leftover Management feature, also included in InkFormulation 6 allows leftover inks to be reused in new recipes during the formulation process. InkFormulation provides recommendations on how to reduce the amount of leftover inks and allows for any surplus to be reworked into new formulations, reducing inventory and waste, lowering disposal costs and providing a rapid return on users' InkFormulation investment (typical ROI for spot colour printers, especially in flexo, gravure and screen printing is less than 6 months).
InkFormulation 6 offers unsurpassed flexibility of data exchange with networked databases and Internet communication features so ink suppliers and printers can efficiently share colour data with locations across the globe. The new version now also supports the latest generation of CxF (Color Exchange Format), the universal file format for colour communication, allowing them to accurately and unambiguously communicate all commercially significant aspects of their ink's formulation requirements. At each step of the process, colours are defined and stored as CxF files so that they can be seamlessly and faithfully exchangedbetween instruments and applications throughout the printing workflow.

Current users of X-Rite's Color Master software who choose to switch to InkFormulation 6 to take advantage of these new ground-breaking features will also be able to easily import their existing databases.
InkFormulation 6 also features a number of usability enhancements including: more flexible sorting criteria for recipes; direct and simplified substrate database access; a new Print Layout Editor to allow users to define and customise their print layouts (logos, images and labels can be inserted and printed to label ink cans and simplify inventory creation); a new 'undo' function to allow users to return to the preceding step within the formulation workflow rather than having to begin all over again; simplified user administration tools.
InkFormulation's advanced matching algorithms improve results, especially in highly opaque applications or when formulating for use on different substrates such as metallic foils and transparent films. Final colour correction is quick and easy, and can even be done on-press.
InkFormulation 6 now also features a digital library pack including the new PANTONE PLUS SERIES (C, U), PANTONE Goe System (C, U) libraries, the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (M) libraries and the HKS (E, K, N, Z) libraries. The libraries provide data for No-filter, Pol-filter, D65-filter and UVcut-filter (PANTONE libraries only) measurements.
InkFormulation is available in four versions:
InkFormulation PrinterBasic

A cost-effective system designed for small to medium sized printers. Users can easily and quickly formulate custom inks, working with a database supplied by their preferred ink manufacturer. Configured with an X-Rite Color Handheld device, this solution is ideal for the printers who previously could not justify having in-house formulation capabilities.
InkFormulation PrinterPro

Formulate custom inks without creating and maintaining a colorant database. You can import and work with colorant databases supplied by your preferred ink manufacturer. Includes ColorQuality software to guarantee precise measurement, continuous control, and consistent documentation.
InkFormulation Manufacturer

A full version of InkFormulation designed for the Ink Manufacturer, providing the ability to create, store and modify a colorant database. This allows users to build and maintain a complete colorant database featuring all the inks they use.
InkFormulation Online

A web-client solution for ink manufacturers and suppliers that allows their customers to access a centralised, easily-updatable database of ink formulation via the Internet. Printers who do not wish to install local ink formulation capability can easily access high quality ink formulation databases they can rely on for mixing and matching inks.

Sun Chemical to increase prices on inks and consumables in North America


Faced with continued increases in the costs of raw materials and volatility in the global supply chain, Sun Chemical will raise prices on February 1, 2011 in North America by:

  • $0.14 per pound for sheetfed blending bases
  • $0.10 per pound for sheetfed blacks, whites and varnishes
  • $0.12 per pound for heatset process black and colour inks
  • $0.07 per pound for solvent-based liquid inks
  • $0.10 per pound for all white liquid inks
  • 5 percent for screen inks
  • 8-12 percent for heatset Pantone Matching Systems(PMS), fluorescent, metallic inks and overprint varnishes
  • 5-10 percent for silicones and washes, and
  • 5 percent for fountain solutions. 

For over two years, raw materials cost and supply instability have significantly impacted the ink industry. Non-traditional factors that began early in 2010 to impact the price of major feedstocks and raw materials continue, including: supply base consolidation and capacity curtailment, significant decline in refinery margins, and rationalised operating rates to meet diminished demand. The combination of these factors has led to the elevated costs on such raw materials as TiO2, rosin and polyamide resins, nitrocellulose, and many more.
"In some cases, such as for TiO2, we have seen the global capacity reduced by as much as 10 percent in three years, demand driven up, and raw materials for manufacturing TiO2 become tight," said Tony Renzi, Vice President of Product Management, Liquid Inks, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. "These factors have resulted in an increase in this raw material pricing of 15 percent in 2010 with another 8 percent increase announced for January 1, 2011. With the market's continued tightness, TiO2 is forecasted to increase another 6-8 percent quarterly in 2011. Factors like these for TiO2 and other raw materials have made it difficult to offset the rising raw material costs and unfortunately has forced us to pass some of these costs on to our customers."
"At Sun Chemical, we have worked and continue to work extremely hard to control our own costs as well as work closely with our supply chain partners to curtail cost, but it has not been enough to offset the drastic raw material price increases we have seen this past year across all our product lines," said Charles Murray, President, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. "We will continue to work closely with our customers to help them get the most possible out of their inks, and to develop new value oriented products and services that can help them grow their business despite this challenging marketplace."

Toyo Ink Acquires Additional Shares of Sakata INX


Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd., primarily known in the LFP industry as the provider of OEM inks to a number of Japanese large format printer manufacturers, have announced that following a resolution, it has acquired an additional interest in Sakata INX Corporation, with whom Toyo Ink has capital and business ties.

Sakata INX themselves have previously been on the acquisition trail, having acquired or created joint ventures with alternative ink manufacturers Triangle and Megaink.

The acquisition was made on Dec. 10, 2010, with Toyo Ink acquiring 3 million shares of Sakata INX stock. The number of shares Toyo Ink held before acquisition was 7,536,000 shares, or 12.04 percent. Toyo Ink now holds 10,536,000 shares, or 16.83 percent.

MACtac Expands Indoor and Outdoor Window Advertising Potential with New IMAGin Perforated Window Media

Mactac Logo

MACtac Graphic Products introduces IMAGin® Perforated Window Media WP129, a one-way visibility film used to transform indoor or outdoor window surfaces into graphical canvases on one side, without sacrificing significant visibility on the other. Designed to maximize the use of promotional real estate, IMAGin Perforated Window Media WP129 can be used for a variety of shorter-term indoor and outdoor window applications, including buildings, some vehicles, retail and point-of-purchase (POP) displays, architectural graphics, and more.

Additionally, IMAGin Perforated Window Media WP129 is an extremely cost-effective solution. “At a very competitive price point, IMAGin Perforated Window Media WP129 allows our customers to improve profitability, without forgoing quality,” said Mary Ann Kucera, marketing manager, MACtac Graphic Products

MACtac’s latest perforated window film solution is a 6.0-mil soft white vinyl film coated with a black semi-permanent adhesive. It features 41/59 percent perforation with a hole diameter of 1.6 mm and a distance between holes of 2.4 mm, which enhances visibility of window graphics. “MACtac’s new versatile indoor/outdoor window film solution has better-than-average visibility characteristics when compared to similar films,” Kucera added. “WP129 allows for minimal visual disruption while providing maximum media real estate.“ Featuring an 86# stable white kraft liner, IMAGin Perforated Window Media WP129 offers excellent stability during printing, handling and installation. Along with its ease in print and installation, the window film helps increase window security and privacy while decreasing heat and glare from the sun in outdoor or externally exposed applications.

IMAGin Perforated Window Media WP129 is intended for wide format, eco-solvent and, solvent-based inkjet printing.

The full line of MACtac Graphic Products: IMAGin, PERMACOLOR, MACmark and REBEL, provide a pressure-sensitive solution for every signage need. Whatever technology - wide-format digital printing, mounting and laminating, CAS, or screen printing - MACtac has you covered.