30 Mar 2020

Neschen announces new knitted polyester fabrics


Neschen Logo

Neschen has added new fabrics to its range with the addition of 'DYEtex flag 110 B1' and 'DYEtex display 220 B1' to complement the  'VARItex decoframe 250 B1 CA' launched at Fespa.

All three are entirely manufactured in Germany to ensure consistent high quality.

The new DYEtex flag and DYEtex display are knitted polyester fabrics with excellent print through characteristics which allow them to be printed onto directly using dye-sublimation inks to produce brilliant colourful output.

The resultant flags, banners and other display systems are durable and as equally suitable for outdoor use as they within commercial and retail premises.

Each is available in a choice of four widths including XXL in 50m rolls.


Mutoh announces availability of its new bio-lactite™ inks

Bio Lactite Logo

Wide format inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Belgium nv announces immediate availability of its new Bio-Lactite™ inks, which were first presented at the past Fespa 2010 show in Munich, Germany.   Mutoh’s new Bio-Lactite™ ink is a renewable resource based ink – made from corn – capable of printing on both flexible and rigid materials.

“Our new organic Bio-Lactite inks are the result of Mutoh’s ongoing commitment to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly printing solutions for both installed base Mutoh users and new users”, says Arthur Vanhoutte, President of Mutoh’s European operations.

“The inks will offer print providers a sustainable print solution that will enable them to reduce the entire environmental footprint of their daily production. The new Bio-Lactite inks will enable users to explore green output on recyclable media whilst keeping the performance features of typical solvent-based inks and keeping an efficient energy consumption.  The ink’s attractive price setting will furthermore enable printer users to reduce their cost for print figures. Last but not least, Mutoh’s award-winning and so far unrivalled Intelligent Interweaving print technology will avoid trial and error printing and therefore reduce media waste”, Vanhoutte concludes.

The new Bio-Lactite™ ink is compatible with Mutoh Rockhopper 3 Extreme roll printers and the Mutoh ValueJet Hybrid roll to roll and rigid printer. Available in 220 & 440 ml cassettes, 880 ml bags and in litre bottles, the inks will be marketed all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa through Mutoh’s authorised distributor channel.

Key Characteristics of Mutoh Bio-Lactite™ Inks

Ink Composition & Safety Aspects

  • Mutoh’s Bio Lactite™ inks are non-petrochemical based inks.  50 % of the inks is ethyl-lactate, a component which is derived from corn.
  • The inks do not spread any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the working environment and therefore do not require any forced or special ventilation.
  • Non ODP inks (non Ozone DePleting), meaning the inks do not contain products which are considered as harmful to the earth's protective ozone layer.
  • Rapid drying; no external drying equipment is required to dry the inks.
  • Inks are fixed and dried at regular heating temperatures.  For roll printing, only 600 W is consumed during printing.
  • Wide colour gamut with unique media gloss preservation.
  • Low maintenance – same ease of use as Mutoh Eco Ultra inks.

Unique Ink Fixation Process

  • Selected binders contained in the Bio-Lactite™ inks ensure an optimized chemical interaction among the pigments and the media surface.
  • For roll media, the ink is fixed and dried by the printer’s conventional integrated heating elements.
  • For rigid media printing and for insulating roll media such as polypropylene, Mutoh proprietary rapid response heated air knives (ValueJet Hybrid only) deliver instant heating from the top, fixing and drying the ink.

Multi-Purpose Ink

  • Mutoh Bio-Lactite™ inks are suited for both roll and rigid printing.
  • Unlike other “green” inks, the unique ink formulation of Mutoh Bio-Lactite™ inks, specifically tuned to piezo drop-on-demand inkjet head technology, will enable printing on a wide range of conventional solvent-compatible media.
  • The inks will also be the obvious choice for customers demanding “green output” on recyclable media and for high quality direct printing on “exotic” media not typically intended for inkjet printing.
  • Unrivalled media compatibility range - Uncoated rigid materials : Acrylic glass - PMMA, aluminium sandwich board, foam board, cardboard, ABS, polycarbonate - PC, polypropylene - PP, etc… Uncoated flexible substrates : Non-PVC & PVC based self-adhesive media, recyclable fibre-based paper,  banner, polyethylene - PET, polypropylene - PP, etc....


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Suited for 3D wrap applications and for unique thermo-deformation applications.
  • For high quality prints for close viewing distances (< 1 meter), typical production speeds of 9 m² per hour at 720 x 720 dpi can be reached on flexible substrates.  For rigid substrates, speeds of 8 m²/h at 720 x 720 dpi can be reached.
  • Outdoor durability of up to two years, without lamination.  For fleet, floor graphics or other applications where prints are exposed to intensive mechanical stress or abrasion, lamination is recommended.


  • 220 ml cassettes
  • 440 ml cassettes
  • 880 ml bags (for ValueJet Hybrid only)
  • 1 litre bottles (for use in combination with Mutoh’s bulk ink system).

About Mutoh’s Bulk Ink System (BIS)

Mutoh’s BIS system was developed for speed-intensive, volume oriented users that require a high-volume ink delivery and refill system.  The bulk ink system can be easily mounted on top of the printer.




Avery Dennison adds super-conformable gloss overlaminate


Avery Dennison Logo

Avery Dennison expanded its line of digital overlaminates today with the addition of DOL 1460 Gloss, the ultimate choice in conformability for 3D projects and extreme curves and corrugations.  DOL 1460 is a 1.3 mil super conformable overlaminate with a gloss finish, ideal for car wraps, fleet and bus graphics, marine and indoor and outdoor architectural applications.

"DOL 1460 Gloss requires no primer, a true advantage, when it comes to wrapping extreme applications that are 3D," said Caspar Baert, Global Product Manager for the Graphics & Reflective Products Division.  "Wraps printed on MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS and protected with DOL 1460 will save time and money for installers because they are faster and easier to install."

"One of the first things installers will notice is how much more conformable it is and how easy it is to lay into a deep concave recess, it is such a noticeable difference," said Paul Roba, Technical Services Manager.

Features of DOL 1460 overlaminate include:


  • No primer is needed for installation
  • New permanent adhesive that is a global standard
  • Improved release coating
  • New easier to handle and improved stability base liner that reduces mottle formation on the face of the film and lacquer picks


When DOL 1460 Gloss overlaminate is paired with MPI 1005 Supercast films, durability is up to four years. DOL 1460 is warranted for 3D applications with MPI 1005 Supercast films (flat liner, Easy Apply and Easy Apply RS).


Avery Dennison enhances five high visibility reflective films


Avery Dennison Logo

Avery Dennison introduced Easy Apply RS technology with the most popular colours in the HV 1200 reflective film series at SGIA Expo today. White, blue, red, black and yellow HV 1200 reflective films will now be easier and quicker to install on vehicles and many other substrates.

HV 1200 films provide high visibility throughout the day and night for improved safety on emergency vehicles, all types of wraps and signage. "Adding Easy Apply RS to the HV 1200 Series will make an installers job much easier and faster," said Elizabeth Park, Global Product and Marketing Manager, Avery Dennison Graphics & Reflective Products Division.  "The HV 1200 films are popular for emergency vehicles and can bring added attention to vehicle wraps at night."

Easy Apply air egress technology helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles while Easy Apply RS provides repositionability and slideability, allowing the film to be moved easily before pressure is applied during installation. Avery Dennison offers the broadest range of standard colour options with the HV 1200 Series.

Additional key features of the HV 1200 Series include:


  • Consistent reflectivity over a range of entrance angles
  • Excellent printability using popular UV and solvent screen inks
  • Easy cutting and weeding
  • Long-term durability, up to 7 years depending on installation
  • Overposting, easily applied over an Avery vinyl film for added visibility.


HV1200 Series films are cast films that provide premium quality, enclosed lens, retro-reflectivity that meet ASTM D-4956 Type 1 requirements.


New EFI Ink co-branded for 3M™ MCS™ warranty


Vutek Gs5000r

EFI, a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced a new ink for its VUTEk GS5000r five-metre roll-to-roll digital printer. With EFI’s new ink, co-branded with and qualified by 3M, output from the GS5000r, on 3M media, will meet the requirements of the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, the premier graphics guarantee in the industry. EFI VUTEk customers will be able to print the same applications they provide today, plus an extended range of applications offered by 3M’s materials, including long-term signage and fleet graphics, as well as reflective applications. The new ink is currently scheduled for commercial release in Q4 2010.

“EFI places a strong emphasis on making our customer’s business successful. As a result of the collaboration between EFI and 3M, this new ink set will help eligible customers create output covered by a best-in-class warranty, which will give our customers a differentiation against the competition,” said EFI President Fred Rosenzweig. “Adding a new 3M qualified ink set to our product portfolio is a great opportunity to showcase our strong partnership.”

“3M and EFI have worked together on piezo inkjet solutions since the mid-1990s. We are excited to announce this new ink as a result of our collaboration, as well as the extension of the 3M MCS Warranty to VUTEk GS5000r output produced with the new ink, 3M media, and applied according to 3M technical literature,” said Vice President of 3M Commercial Graphics Division, Bob Doughty.

The MCS™ Warranty covers defects in finished graphics’ appearance for up to four years outdoors, including discoloration, fading, cracking, peeling, and other defects that make the graphics unsuitable for their intended purpose and up to five years for vehicle graphics. These inks also come with an extended shelf life of 15 months. The new inks match the high standards of EFI’s current ink set in terms of adhesion and colour gamut, and are highly flexible with noticeably lower odour than other UV inks. Warranty-qualifying output will be shown in EFI’s booth (#413) at the 2010 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas (October 13-16), with side-by-side comparative samples.


Sihl releases new products at SGIA

Sihl Logo

Sihl will release several new products at SGIA.

Sihl 3183 is a satin photo paper designed for printing on Solvent, UV and Latex inkjet printers. It is first in its class to provide an “E” surface, similar to slightly textured surfaces created for silver halide photo prints. The gloss level is satin, perfect for portraits and other graphics where high colour gamut and a low glare finish is required. Sihl 3183 has a proprietary ink receptive coating which produces photo quality, quick drying images and is universally compatible with Latex, Eco-Solvent, True Solvent, and UV Curable inkjet printers. It is available in the following sizes: 36”, 54” and 60” x 150 foot rolls on a 3” core.

Sihl 3182 Latex Backlit Film is compatible with the new HP Latex inkjet printers. It is a dimensionally stable 5 mil polyester film with a proprietary Latex ink receptive matte top coat and a light diffusing coat on the reverse side. The ink receptive layer was designed to optimise imaging performance with latex inks as well as provide excellent durability for use in indoor and outdoor backlit signage applications. The light diffusing layer is bright white when backlit and has smooth consistent opacity, ideal for uniform lighting across large image areas. 3182 can be used for short term outdoor light box applications and does not require lamination. It is available today in the following sizes: 36”, 50” and 60” x 100 foot rolls on a 3” core.

Sihl 3166 - ClearSTICK Clear Film with Adhesive is designed for aqueous inkjet printers. This a 2 mil clear polyester film featues an unmatched optically clear inkjet coating on the image side. On the reverse side, 3166 features an optically clear, repositionable adhesive with a thin opaque, white polyester release liner. The opaque liner provides universal compatibility with printers utilising media sensing systems and provides needed contrast for print viewing prior to application. Sihl 3166 is ideal for interior application to virtually any surface. Applications include POS and Event signage and can be used to create digital packaging prototypes. Sihl 3166 to be available in the following sizes: 24”, 36”, 44” and 50” x 100 foot rolls.

Two new white polyester films are 3198 Instant Dry Block-Out Film and 3199 Instant Dry White Film for Solvent, UV and Latex inkjet printers. Sihl 3198 is a 7 mil polyester film with a proprietary glossy instant dry ink receptive layer designed to produce photo quality high definition images previously unavailable with solvent inkjet printers. The white PET base film is fused in the manufacturing process to a grey, block-out layer on the reverse side that will not split, curl, buckle, or warp resulting in a very durable, dimensionally stable display film. The light block layer eliminates image wash out due to bright back-lighting conditions often found at trade show exhibits. Sihl 3198 is available in the following sizes: 36” and 50” x100 foot rolls on a 3” Core.

Sihl 3199 has the same unique ink receptive layer as 3198 but on a thinner, more economical 5 mil white polyester film base without the block-out layer on the reverse side. Applications for Sihl 3199 include roll-up displays and high-end POP images. Sihl 3199 is available in the following sizes: 54” and 60” x100 foot rolls on a 3” Core.

Sihl PolySOL Pop-up Film is a thick, dimensionally and colour stable polyester film with a textured satin print surface and a grey light block layer on the reverse surface designed to eliminate image wash out when graphics are displayed in bright light areas such as trade shows. Weighing in at a hefty 12 mils thick, Sihl 3516 sets the standard for ultra-durable popup displays where semi-rigid panel graphics are required. 3516 is also optimised for low curl and lay flat when used in roll-up displays. You will be hard pressed to find a more durable light block display film on the market today.

Sihl Illumuna is a premium, flexible, water resistant, gloss canvas designed for high-end applications such as fine art and photo reproductions printed on aqueous inkjet printers. Illumina is universally compatible with both thermal and piezo print head technology utilized by the most popular aqueous inkjet printers on the market today. Illumina is also compatible with liquid laminates, overcoats and varnishes which help protect the image and increase its longevity, offering protection from light exposure and airborne oxidants. The heavyweight 19 mil canvas base is made from a 65 / 35 Polyester / Cotton blend with a 2/1 weave for ease of stretching and framing. It will be available in December 2010 in the following sizes: 13”, 17”, 24”, 36”, 44” and 50” x 40 foot rolls.

Sihl Illustra is a premium, flexible, water resistant, satin canvas with the same construction, application and post processing capability as Illumina, but Illustra has a Satin / Lustre finish in the ink receptive coating. Illustra’s proprietary ink jet receptive coating has been designed to minimise the gloss differential between imaged and un-imaged areas. Sihl Illustra 3186 Satin Canvas will be available in Q1 2011 in the following sizes: 13”, 17”, 24”, 36”, 44” and 50” x 40 foot rolls.

Sihl Irradia is a production / utility grade canvas. With a lighter weight, 65 / 35 Poly Cotton blend and 1:1 weave structure, Irradia Matte Canvas is designed for ink jet printing where a matte finish is required or where protective overcoats will be applied that modify the surface finish. Sihl Irradia is universally compatible with both thermal and piezo print head technology utilised by the most popular aqueous inkjet printers on the market today and works well with all leading brands of liquid laminates, overcoats and varnishes which not only protect the image but can provide the desired level of print gloss.

Sihl 3176 is a premium 4 mil pressure sensitive adhesive backed vinyl offering unparalleled imaging performance. The high performance glossy microporous inkjet topcoat provides instant drytimes, ultra wide colour gamut with “plug and play” image quality when printing in standard “photopaper” mode on most printers. The removable adhesive provides a strong initial bond and zero residue after removal. Ideal for short term interior graphics with application to virtually any substrate or surface. QuickSTICK is universally compatible with both thermal and piezo print head technology utilised by the most popular aqueous inkjet printers on the market today.