19 Jan 2021

Hahnemuhle Adds Glossier Baryta FB to its Digital FineArt Collection

Kahnemuehle Baryta FB

New Baryta FB from Hahnemühle is a fiber-based, 100 percent alpha-cellulose paper that features a whiter, smoother, glossier surface than other offerings in the Baryta line. Baryta FB is an archival inkjet paper developed for photo-traditionalists who want the authentic look and feel of glossy silver-gelatin prints from the classic darkroom era.

This bright white paper with its ultra-smooth surface texture, glossy coating and substantial, 350gsm weight, corresponds to classic silver-gelatin baryta media in both structure and feel. Baryta FB is certified archival grade, ISO standard 9706 and meets the highest standards for image quality and longevity.

According to New Orleans-based photographer, Eric Waters, "This fantastic new paper from Hahnemühle registers sharpness and detail very well with color hue and saturation that are true to the integrity of my files. I'll continue to use Hahnemühle products with the confidence that they'll always deliver the best image quality possible Baryta FB's archival properties and paper weight are bonuses."

Waters has been a professional photographer for more than twenty-eight years. He decided early in his career that the New Orleans street culture had significant historical value and was therefore worthy of documentation. Although he is a sought-after event and wedding specialist, Eric is best known for his vibrant, energetic images of the Second Line and New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians. He is one of a scant handful of professionals with an "insider's" view of what makes this culture come alive.

AW Specialty Papers Announces Three New Transfer Papers

AW Specialty Papers

AW Specialty Papers has announced the availability of three new heat transfer papers designed for commercial heat press applications. The new papers, IMAGE CLIP Koncert T's, IMAGE CLIP Laser Dark, and 3G Jet-Opaque are for application of printing onto dark-colored substrates. The IMAGE CLIP series is for use with laser printers or copiers, and the 3G Jet-Opaque is for use with inkjet printers.

IMAGE CLIP Koncert T's heat transfer papers are designed for the heat transfer of white letters and images to pastel, dark and bright colored substrates using laser copiers or laser printers. This product is self-weeding (no trimming required) and leaves no background plastic polymer. White letters and images can be transferred to a variety of substrates including T-shirts, handbags, mouse pads, coasters, leather articles, art papers and more. It works well with 100 percent cotton, 50-50 blends or synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Application with a commercial heat press requires only TWO steps. This is a cold-peel application and can be used to replace the use of white vinyl lettering on work or team wear, to promote event schedules or even recipes and sayings.

IMAGE CLIP Laser Dark heat transfer papers are designed for the heat transfer of full color images using color laser copiers or printers to dark and bright colored substrates. This product is also self-weeding (no trimming required) and leaves no background plastic polymer. High-resolution photographs and images can be transferred to dark or bright colored substrates including T-shirts, handbags, mouse pads, coasters, leather articles, art papers and more. It works well with 100 percent cotton, 50-50 blends or synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon. Application with a commercial heat press requires only TWO steps. It is cold-peel applied and can be used to capture the more profitable and high-end art demand for dark apparel.

3G Jet-Opaque heat transfer papers are designed for transferring inkjet images to dark or other colored garments and substrates. This product contains an opaque layer to hide the color of the substrate, allowing for photo-quality transfers. It has the same qualities as Jet-Opaque II but with a softer hand and better drape with the fabric. It is suitable for 100 percent cotton, 100 percent polyester and poly-cotton blend and synthetic fabrics. This product may be used to apply images to T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, puzzles, leather goods and other hard surfaces. Best results are achieved using a commercial heat press. Drying time is fast and ink feathering is minimal. This cold peel application produces excellent stretchability.

"We are very excited to bring this new line of Neenah products to the market. Our customers are always looking for products that are affordable AND produce great results. With this new and improved line of products for dark substrates, they get both," said Bill Rossi, president, AW Specialty Papers.

Hahnemuhle Gallerie Wrap Stretcher Bars Available in Pair Packs

Hahnemuehle Gallerie Wrap Stretcher Bars

Hahnemühle's Gallerie Wrap Standard (1.25-inch deep) stretcher bars can now be purchased in Pair Packs. Each pack contains two bars of a given length, two corner braces and two corner holding pins. This will allow a customer who wants to make one 16x20-inch canvas wrap, for example, to purchase only two Pair Packs, a 16-inch and a 20-inch, instead of having to purchase a full box of 20 bars each in both lengths.

The Gallerie Wrap System is made up of easy-to-use fastening components and stretcher bars that allow photographers, artists and print service providers to produce high-quality gallery-wrapped canvas prints in minutes-a service formerly available only through custom frame studios.

Initially, Gallerie Wrap System components were only packaged in 20-bar bulk quantities for high-volume professional users. Because of the extreme ease with which beautiful wraps can be produced, however, the Gallerie Wrap system quickly caught on with amateur enthusiasts as well. Typically, these customers only make a few wraps a year and therefore could not justify the cost of purchasing an assortment of 20-bar packages in a range of preferred lengths. The new Pair Packs have now made it cost efficient for enthusiasts to purchase only the four bars (two Pair Packs) they need to make one wrap at a time.

Colorific launch Colorgreen solvent cartridge recycling initiative

Colorgreen Recyling initiative from Colorific

Working in close association with some of the worlds largest ink manufacturers, Colorific have announced a genuinely practical solution to wide format ink cartridge recycling.

Claimed to be easy to take part in, easy to integrate into your own environmental policies, and easy to manage, participation in the Colorgreen scheme is available to all by registering online at www.colorgreen.co.uk

Upon registering, Colorific will send users a box (or as many of them as they need), you then fill that box with empty cartridges, and when it’s full, you simply log on again, and request a collection. A carrier will subsequently arrive, and take your box of empty cartridges away for recycling.

Colorific stress that this is a free zero-cost service available to users of all common large format printing systems that use solvent-based cartridges

Following return the empty cartridges are then, dependent on their condition, either recycled for secondary use, or broken down for use in the production of new products that can utilise recycled materials. Disposal in landfill is thus avoided.

The Colorgreen website also has links to pertinent information including a free white paper titled Environmental Law – Overview and Guidance for Your Business, and links to relevant information published by the Health & Safety Executive, again all freely accessible at www.colorgreen.co.uk

Drytac Adds FSC-Certified Presentation Paper to its Offerings

Drytac Earthsmart

Drytac now offers EarthSmart Premium Bond, a heavyweight presentation paper certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

FSC is an independent, non-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. It certifies products based on responsible manufacturing and distribution practices.

EarthSmart Premium Bond is a bright white, 9.2 mil thick, matt coated bond paper for aqueous inkjet printers with width options of 36, 42, 50, and 60 inches. It is ideal for poster prints and mounted graphics.

Paired with eco-friendly film laminate lines like Drytac Interlam Bio and Interlam Eco laminates and a mount board like ReBoard or Xanita, EarthSmart Premium bond can complete a completely eco-friendly project.

Sihl Group UK Launches New LFP Canvas Media

Sihl logo

Hot-on-the-heels of the launch of new eco-friendlier poster papers, Sihl has announced new, high quality large format coated canvas media for the UK signs, advertising and art print sectors.

The Bern-based inkjet media specialist says it has developed Miro Gallery Canvas white 340 and Fortuna Artist Canvas white 400 specifically to meet growing demand for highest quality media in the artist sector.

Both materials have a bright white coating, providing a very wide color gamut, ranging from transparent color gradients to exceptionally high color densities.

Sihl said prints on the new media boast 'photorealistic appearance and outstanding form stability.'

"The special coating on these very high quality canvas products enables them to absorb large amounts of ink. This means that even critical, dark and uniform areas of color or grey can be homogeneously reproduced. The matt inkjet coating is water-resistant allowing users to print durable, waterproof motifs," said Sam Iliaifar, Sihl Group UK area sales manager.

Key features and benefits:

Sihl Miro Gallery Canvas white 340matt 3580-340 gsm

• 1:1 structure guarantees highest print quality.

• Polyester/cotton base provides excellent dimensional stability and rigidity.

• Exceptionally flexible coating will not break when stretched over a canvas frame.

• Coating can be further refined with varnish or spray.

• Guaranteed long-term picture quality with pigment inks.

• High quality results across all standard printing systems.

Sihl Fortuna Artist Canvas white 400 matt 358 – 400 gsm

• Matt surface 400 gsm canvas provides optimum print quality for the art print market.

• 2:1 linen structure creates 'valuable and exclusive' appearance.

• Resistant to cracks.

• Printed picture impervious to water splashes.

• Strong contrast print possible using small quantities of ink.

• Perfect for the indoor sector.

• Printer compatible—but with a sharp focus on latest printer systems using pigment inks.

• Canvas can be treated with varnish or spray.

"The polyester/cotton base of the Miro Gallery Canvas white 340 provides superb dimensional stability and rigidity. This canvas will satisfy the most demanding customers searching for solutions in the indoor sector of the advertising market—but also those working with framed works of art," said Iliaifar. "The new Fortuna Artist Canvas white 400 gsm is just the perfect answer in the art print sector. It's highly flexible, waterproof and delivers a compelling' expensive-looking' finished product."

Both media are available now in various widths and 12 meter lengths.