29 Nov 2021

Madico Extends Range of Permanent/Removable Optically Clear Mounting Films for Short-term Graphic Applications

Madico Doublesidedremovable Lr

Repositionable mounting film offers clean removability with no adhesive transfer

At a time when some major suppliers are reducing their range of mounting adhesives, UK-based Madico Graphic Films has once again increased the revenue enhancing opportunities for printers by extending its line of double-sided optically clear mounting films.  Featuring a permanent adhesive on one side and an ‘easy-peel’ adhesive on the other, the latest addition to Madico’s growing portfolio of permanent/removable, optically clear, polyester mounting adhesives brings new benefits to temporary or short-term graphic applications thanks to very low adhesion levels.

As a result of its low-tack attributes, Madico’s new easy-peel offering (product code E-338R C) can be applied and re-applied until correctly positioned, while still ensuring superior optical clarity and perfectly clean removability with no adhesive transfer. This makes the new mounting film perfectly suited to promotional and branded messaging applications, such as exhibition and point-of-sale graphics, window graphics for short-term retail/advertising, and in-house corporate communication or manifestation requirements. In addition, its easy-peel, clean removability makes it ideal for back-lit light box projects and lenticular 3D screens, where use of an inappropriate transfer would make removal impossible and potentially ruin the display surface.

For short-term, temporary applications involving thicker graphics, Madico also supplies a permanent/removable option (product code E-337RC) that offers a stronger level of adhesion.

“Marketers continue to target their audiences with short-term, time-critical messages, be it for special offers, price reductions or other announcements”, says Gary Dixon, International Business Manager at Madico Graphic Films Ltd. “As a result, there is a growing requirement for temporary/removable graphics that uphold brand integrity and image by offering perfect see-through vision and high quality printability.

“Like all of Madico’s permanent/removable mounting films, our latest offering has been designed with simplicity in mind; rather than requiring installation and removal by a qualified team, it can quickly and effortlessly be applied, repositioned and eventually removed by the customer’s own staff”, adds Dixon.

Clean-room manufacturing for optimum, defect-free see-through vision

As with its entire range of substrates, Madico’s latest double-sided permanent/removable mounting film benefits from clean-room manufacture – a key differentiator over some other products on the market. This process delivers defect-free, optical mounting clarity, by ensuring optimal light transmission, low haze and minimal distortion.

Madico’s new E-338RC Permanent/Removable Optically Clear Mounting Adhesive is available in roll widths of 1250mm.

Grafityps F1 Driving Experience Winner

Grafityp Wrapworx

Grafityp are pleased to announce that Chris Hooper from Wrapworx in Devon is the winner of their F1 Driving Experience Competition held at the Sign & Digital UK 2010 Exhibition in Birmingham.

Chris demonstrated a high level of skill in his application technique with an excellent wrap result and was judged by Grafityp training tutor, James Deacon, to be the winner.  Chris took GrafiWrap training in its early days which obviously gave him a great start to develop to the standard of wrapping he now offers.

The F1 Driving Experience day is a fantastic prize, which Chris is sure to enjoy, with the chance to drive several high performance cars including an Ex-Formula one car on the track.

Grafityp would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that took part in the competition, standards were high.

Alcan Acquired, Announces New Company Name


3A Composites

With the recently completed acquisition of Alcan Composites by Schweiter Technologies, a Swiss company, executives have announced the business now will be known as 3A Composites as it continues to manufacture and sell its product lines for the graphic display, building cladding, furniture, home construction and transportation industries. 3A Composites employs 2,700 employees in 21 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia

Sales and marketing offices for 3A Composites USA are based in Mooresville, N.C. The company's leading product brands sold in North America, Central America and South America, including the Caribbean, include: Alucobond, Dibond, Fome-Cor, Sintra, Gator, Omni-Flute, Gator-Ply, Syn-Ply, and Luxcell. Manufacturing facilities for these products are located in Benton, KY, Glasgow, KY, and Statesville, NC.

The 3A Composites name is reminiscent of the three powerful company brands which preceded it: Alcan, Alusuisse and Airex.

"Our new business name reflects our organization's unequaled reputation for quality in the industries that we serve," said Brendan Cooper, president, 3A Composites USA. "While our overall business name will change, customers in each of these industries will still be able to rely on our trusted well-established product lines. Our customers will continue to derive high value from the world's leading composite substrates."

"Our highest priority at 3A Composites will continue to be to meet customer needs with value-added products backed by outstanding customer service," said W. Jay Wynne, vice president, sales and marketing, 3A Composites USA. "Although our company name has changed, the familiar names and faces in our customer-focused organization have not. As 3A Composites, we stand ready to meet or exceed our customers' expectations for high-quality products and service."

Toyo Ink to Exhibit at IPEX 2010

Toyo Logo

Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. will participate in IPEX 2010, the world’s largest class of technology fair for print, publishing and media, to be held in Birmingham, UK from Tuesday, May 18 through Tuesday, March 25, 2010.

The Toyo Ink Group will participate in IPEX 2010 under the main theme of “feel the evolution.”

The Group has adopted a vision of becoming “a corporate group evolving into a globally useful specialty chemical manufacturer” in its New Vision SCC2017, the long-term plan currently underway, and conducts business and corporate activities with the objective of evolving into an internationally respected, science-oriented corporate group. Participation in IPEX is positioned as part of the product and corporate promotion activities in line with this vision.

The principal theme of evolution refers to the evolutionary process of the Group. At the same time, it denotes the evolution of ink users operate with the aim of surviving and succeeding in the global printing industry, which is changing radically.

The Toyo Ink Group booth at the IPEX show will showcase products, focusing mainly on products to be distributed in Europe, including printing ink and next-generation print materials, as well as multimedia material that encompasses the printing and non-printing industries. Given that the IPEX show is a global event, the Group will provide information on products targeting the Asian and American regions.

In parallel with the product exhibition, the Group will also present specific business plans for Europe. The Europe Region of the Group has built a network of partners (agents) not only in EU countries but also in Eastern Europe and Russia. The Group plans to introduce the ways in which the products and services provided through the network will benefit the entire market.

Are ink price increases looming?

Flint Group Logo

The recent recession saw chemical manufacturers remove excess capacity, and as we now start to come out of recession and demand is again on the increase, it is widely expected that there will be short-term shortages in raw materials, with the potential for increased prices as demand outstrips supply.

One example of this is with Flint Group announcing price increases on a number of pressroom chemistry products sold in the Americas.

Increases range from 5% to 12%, depending on product line, and take effect for products shipped on or after June 1, 2010. Products include alcohol substitutes, sheetfed fountain solutions, conventional press wash, UV press wash, metering roller cleaner, film cleaners and deglazers/rejuvenators.

“A number of factors have significantly increased our raw material costs,” says Kevin Fennewald, business director, Pressroom Chemicals. “During the recent recession, major chemical manufacturers removed excess capacity. Now, with demand increasing, raw material costs are rising and supply is scarce.

“The rising cost of crude is also a key contributing factor,” continued Mr. Fennewald. “Other substantial cost increases have come from container and freight suppliers. All of these factors have affected Flint Group’s cost to manufacture and distribute pressroom chemistry products.”

Flint Group’s staff has worked hard to assure product supply and minimise the impact on customers, but the combination of economic and market factors has led to cost increases beyond what Flint Group is able to absorb.

ASLAN Introduces Blackboard Film for Use with Liquid Chalk Markers

Aslan Bb900

The blackboard films available on the market up to now could only be used with normal school chalk. But now ASLAN has brought out a self-adhesive blackboard film that can also be written on with liquid chalk markers.

With this new, top-quality film, ASLAN has further expanded its broad range of self-adhesive blackboard films. ASLAN BB 900, a slate-colored blackboard film, is equipped with a special matt, scratch-resistant surface. This means the blackboard can be written on using either liquid chalk markers or conventional chalk, both of which can then be wet-erased. The film is highly resistant to solvents, meaning that even after constant use it is guaranteed not to show any ghostwriting or shadows. Even if it is written on by accident using an inappropriate writing utensil, e.g. a permanent marker, the marks can be removed using household cleaning spirits or another organic solvent. This cleaning will not damage the film's surface.

The above qualities make the film ideal for all applications involving changing inscriptions, such as signs in restaurants, schools, seminar rooms or offices, or as a memoboard at home.

Rounding out ASLAN's line of blackboard films is an iron-containing ferro film, ASLAN FF 400. Applying this film beneath the blackboard film makes the surface magnetic as well. Blackboard films are also available in black and green, or in glossy white to create a whiteboard.