24 Jan 2022

Not just an ink but more of a solution makes Colorific best in class


Colorific Family

The latest additions to the Colorific range of inks suitable for Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki solvent-based printers now confirm these products as being the most widely available for the most popular ranges of machines in everyday use. Available through IGS UK’s approved reseller network, these inks are produced from the highest grade chemistries, catering for users who want lower cost alternatives which meet the most demanding standards in terms of colour gamut and durability.

Since its introduction to the market as a reliable and consistent after-market range of inks, Colorific has continually grown its portfolio of solutions to encompass the majority of eco- and mild-solvent printers currently in use today. Additionally, there are products now available for the majority of machines using popular print-heads such as those from Epson, Seiko, Fujifilm Dimatix/Spectra, plus Xaar and its licensees which include Konica Minolta and Toshiba Tec.

Because the formulation of Colorific inks match or are identical to their original, more expensive counterparts, some printer models are able to switch products on the fly. This mix and match capability means that Colorific Pro versions can be used alongside original products, thus saving time and money when transferring from one to the other.

Unlike the majority of third-party inks on offer, the Colorific brand encompasses probably the most comprehensive families of solvent products on the market, with a growing portfolio of UV-curable options being added to the portfolio. Fully tested on every available printer and print-head configuration prior to availability, these inks are formulated and manufactured from the highest grade ingredients to guarantee accurate colour, consistency in use and longevity on the finished print.

For further information about Colorific inks, contact IGS UK via www.igsuk.net or visit www.colorificink.com


Fujifilm unveils new LFP paper ranges

Fujifilm Logo

Fujifilm has added some new products to its range of large format papers.

The first is a 255gsm paper, available with either a satin or gloss finish. This micro-porous coated paper is capable of producing fast drying, high quality photo images on dye and pigment inkjet printers, and with selected UV ink printers.

This competitively priced, water resistant paper enables prints with vibrant colours with a broad tonal range. Available in 30.5 metre rolls, either 24" or 44" widths.

This paper features in several of Fujifilm's popular Greenbox Bundles together with 24” and 44" Epson printers.

The company has also released Premium Lustre large format paper, this new addition complements Fujifilm's photo papers and has similar qualities to the acclaimed Pearl range and is a lightweight and easy handling paper. Premium Lustre is 245gsm and comes in 30 metre rolls, in either 24", 44" or 60" widths.

In a further product progression, Matt Bond paper has been enhanced to give improved image quality and is now known as Premium Matt Bond.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

New Eco Canvas Coating now Available via Fujifilm

Fujifilm Canvas

To compliment its existing range of canvas products, Fujifilm is marketing PremierArt Eco Print Shield, a revolutionary new water based protective coating designed specifically for water resistant inkjet media.

As Eco Print Shield is water based there are no toxic or hazardous solvents to worry about and it is environmentally friendly. The coating utilizes a unique combination of acrylic resins with a new cross-linking technology.

Easily applied by brush, roller or spray gun, Eco Print Shield protects canvas prints from moisture, light, abrasions and even fingerprints. It is quick-drying and its advanced polymer technology will not yellow, crack or go brittle under stretching so canvases will remain protected.

Print Shield and Eco Print Shield are the only coatings to be awarded a Wilhelm Certified Seal by the world famous Wilhelm Institute.

Eco Print Shield is available in Gloss, Satin or Matt and comes in either quart or gallon containers. A sampler kit is also available that includes everything you need to get started.

Peter Hayward, commercial manager from Fujifilm made this comment: "We are delighted to be able to offer an environmentally friendly coating solution to our customers. Eco Print Shield will enable photographers and framers from the hobbyist right up to the production canvas framer to produce long-lasting, high quality canvas wraps time after time."

Combined with Fujifilm's selection of canvas media, the Wunderbars framing system and the wide range Epson printers, the addition of Eco Print Shield means Fujifilm now provides the complete canvas stretching solution - from printing, to coating, to stretching.

For further details on Eco Print Shield contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Colorific’s Best in Class Biodegradable Ink Philosophy moves to Uniform



Bio U Uniform

In response to demand for plug-and-play compatibility in a high quality independent ink with more eco-friendly properties, Colorific’s latest Bio-U formula has been formulated as an exact colour match to the original Uniform ActivaSol / Colorific Elite formula , allowing existing colour profiles to be used, for a true plug and play solution.

Bio-U is now available for both the Uniform Cadet and the Uniform Grenadier. Able to be swapped on the fly, these non-hazardous cost-effective inks can be implemented quickly and easily as an alternative solution by users of Uniform ActivaSol and Colorific Elite products.

Colorific’s Bio-U inks are formulated from more than 90 percent biodegradable ingredients which contain only food and cosmetic grade solvents. This means that they can be used safely in environments where there is no external ducting or extraction, yet still meet health and safety requirements. Depending on materials being used, these products are also compliant with many recycling schemes.

By combining a chemically balanced blend of biodegradable solvents with the highest quality pigments, exacting performance and reliability are both guaranteed. Extended field testing has proven greater adhesion complemented by improved chemical, scratch and scuff resistance. The formulation used in Colorific Bio-U is non-flammable and non-toxic, enabling the inks to be classified as non-hazardous.

Uniform Grenadier and Cadet users changing from their existing products to Colorific Bio-U are guaranteed accurate colour matching without the need for reprofiling. Previous inks do not need to be flushed from the machine, and tests have shown that print-heads and nozzles are subjected to reduced blockages.

Colorific Bio-U inks, which are fully ISO9001 compliant, are available in CMYK plus LcLm. There are also Orange andf Green alternatives for users looking to achieve Hexachromatic colour gamut.

Despite their biodegradable chemistry, they offer excellent adhesion and photo-realistic results across a broad range of materials, plus excellent durability.

As well as benefiting from more environmentally friendly properties, Colorific Bio-U inks are also cost-saving alternatives to Uniform Grenadier and Cadet users as they carry the additional advantage of being fully covered by Tech8’s warranty programme.

Further information and full reseller details are available from www.colorificink.com



New Version of Wunderbars Framing System Now Available


In the eight weeks following its release in September of last year, Wunderbars - the revolutionary framing system for canvas prints – out sold all expectations. After proving such a success, Fujifilm has announced a new range of these exclusive stretcher bars.

The new Wunderbars 'Red' package is now available. The stretcher bars in these packages are constructed of high quality pine rather than the usual tulip hard wood. They still feature the same unique self tensioning corner blocks that ensure there's no more sagging canvas, it always stays taught and will contract and expand to the room's temperature and humidity.

The Wunderbars Red range is available in packs of 12 and comes in the following sizes - 12", 16", 18", 20", 24" and 30" and will list with a saving of 20% compared with the original Tulip wood bars.

Visitors to Springfair and Focus will be able to see stretching demonstrations using Wunderbars system that will show the full process of easily producing a canvas wrap, including printing, coating and stretching.

In addition to the Red range, a new sample pack of the original Wunderbars, including two of each 12", 16", 20" and 24" stretcher bars, is also now available.

Wunderbars' constant tension stretcher bars are even easier than standard stretchers to construct and stretch canvas prints. Wunderbars are precision machined so there is no need to measure the frame to get it square or constantly hit the frame with a mallet to keep it square during stretching, it will always remain square. There is no requirement for complicated or overpriced stretching systems, machinery or devices, the only tool necessary is a staple gun.

Check out www.wunderbars.com for further details or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Epson Sets New Proofing Reference Point


Epson Proofing Paper

Epson's new paper set to raise European proofing standards

Epson has enhanced its range of FOGRA certified proofing paper with the introduction of Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240. Offering the look and feel of more traditional contract proofing media, it delivers a high-degree of colour precision, white point accuracy and stability to the inkjet proofing industry.

Martin Johns, Market Development Manager, Epson UK said: "This new paper is an important product for a niche market with a focus on the magazine proofing sector."

Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 gives superb results for mission-critical print jobs such as contract printing, and is optimised for use with Epson's UltraChrome family of inks.

Part of the latest generation of inkjet proofing solutions, Standard Proofing Paper 240 completes the product offering from Epson in this range.  Providing superior print quality with instant drying, it is able to deliver Epson's widest colour gamut yet in a range of applications that require the highest proofing standards available today.

Standard Proofing Paper 240 is a heavier, opaque version of the previously available 205 proofing paper solution. It is sold in 30.5 metre rolls in widths of 17" - 44" and A3+ cut sheets are also available. A five-sheet sample pack will be included with each Epson Stylus Pro printer.

For more information visit: www.epson.co.uk


  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 for A3+ (10 Sheets) RRP: £11.11 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 for A3+ (100 sheets) RRP: £97.70 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 17"X 30.5m RRP: £80.82 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 24" X 30.5m RRP: £114.39 (Exc.Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 44" x 30.5m RRP: £209.64 (Exc.Vat)