21 Feb 2024

ArtSystems prints 3D at Bett, ExCeL, London

MakerBot range of 3D Printers from ArtSystems

UK distributor, ArtSystems, supports MakerBot 3D printer stand at bett, ExCeL, the world’s foremost education technology event.

Noted distributor of equipment and materials for the arts and graphics sector, Artsystems, will be embracing the world of education technology during January 2016.

Bett, the world’s leading event for learning technology, will be returning to ExCeL, London on 20-23 January 2016. Education professionals from all over the globe will be taking advantage of an annual opportunity to experiment with the latest technology, hear from inspirational figures and experts in the industry and network with their peers.

Nottingham-based ArtSystems will be present on the MakerBot 3D Printer stand, providing specialist personnel, hardware and sales follow up. It is also planned to have the MakerBot Innovation Centre on the stand as part of the exhibit.

“MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers are revolutionising the creative arts, prototype and model making potential for so many disciplines, including education and healthcare the graphics sector and the domestic market,” said ArtSystems’ Ted Freer, Sales Divisional Manager.

“ArtSystems has experienced tremendous interest in MakerBot since we were appointed as UK distributor for its entire range of desk-top 3D printers in 2015. Established in New York in 2009, MakerBot, under its parent company Stratasys, has set the benchmark for high-quality, precision printing at a real entry-level price.

“Working with such fresh and exciting new technology has meant investigating new and lucrative business sectors that have previously been unknown to us. 3D printing is a well-established science but the latest systems such as the MakerBot range have demonstrated their ever increasing precision, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, which has seen them taken up by establishments that might never have considered them before.

“As a result we have appointed new resellers and invested in specialist personnel to help us further explore the potential markets for this trailblazing equipment. Attending shows such as bett has a real value to us because we not only get to demonstrate cutting-edge technology to end-users but we also have the chance to hear what people plan to do with our machines.”

He concluded: “At ArtSystems we pride ourselves on being open-minded about the products and materials we sell. We are always available to support our resellers by showing end-users the best ways to get a return on their investment, but we are also ready to listen.

“Innovation sometimes means we need to keep our mouths closed and our ears and eyes open. It may sound like a pun but we are really looking forward to teaching the world’s educators what today’s MakerBot 3D desktop printers can do, but we also hope to be learning something too.”