17 Jan 2022

Is 3D print ready for the sign and display market? MASSIVit think so.

massivit 3d print

A new 3D printing solution featuring unique technology, performance and economics that claims to set a new benchmark for the future of visual communication.

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies announces the installation of the very first groundbreaking Massivit 1800 3D printer. Massivit 1800, a super-fast large format 3D printer is set to transform the way special marketing, advertising & themed environments are created. With output speeds incomparable to anything else in the 3D printing industry.

Gershon Miller, one of Massivit founders says, “In developing Massivit 1800 we had to reinvent 3D printing, we had to invent a whole new technology – the GDP: Gel Dispensing Printing. The result is a 3D printer with remarkable performance, stunning design, and some of the most advanced 3D printing algorithms in the market enabling very fast and very economical printing, saving on printing material and printing time of superfluous support structures”

About Massivit 1800
The Massivit 1800 system is the fastest large format 3D printer, capable of printing objects up to 1.8m / 6ft high at a speed of up to 35cm / 1ft per hour . As an example it would take ONLY 5 hours to print a simple sculpture of a standing human being (‘Adam’) in full size, and the printer can be utilized at the same time to also print another object – perhaps printing Eve?


  • Speed: up to 1,000mm / 39 inch per sec in x & y-axis
  • Productivity: up to 35cm / 1 ft of object per hour
  • Printing dimensions: 1.5m x 1.2m x 1.8m; 4ft x 5ft x 6ft
  • Dual process - Easy printing of 2 different objects in parallel
  • Low material consumption due to ‘support-less’ printing

The Massivit 1800 printer ignites a market explosion in the use of large 3D objects, through a variety of markets worldwide. It enables print service providers, scenic fabricators & 3D service bureaus to produce unique, customized, unmatched large format 3D figures for a variety of uses for advertising, events design, theming of environments and more.

The GDP – Gel Dispensing Printing
At the heart of the Massivit 1800 is GDP – Gel Dispensing Printing technology. This comprised of a special printing gel, sensitive to a specific UV wave and a printing and curing engine through which the material is dispensed to create the figures.
The printing & curing engine allows for Massivit special printing gel instant solidification and high-speed printing.

Massivit 3D has developed techniques that allow printing of non-vertical walls and ceilings, without the need of printing a support structure, nor printing of solid objects. These techniques rely on unique software developments and take advantage of the special relatively low fluidity parameters of the gel.

First system installation at E.S. Digital Ltd, Israel
Today, at E.S. Digital in Israel, Massivit is installing the first Massivit 1800 printer. Eyal Shemesh E.S. Digital CEO, says: “We are delighted and excited to own the Massivit 1800. We have great plans for this printer, and many of our customers are already awaiting this solution that will enable them to create unique, stunning promotional campaign in all kind of formats – from unique point of purchase displays all the way to amazing launch events. With the Massivit 1800 we can now offer our customers more ways to grab attention, call for engagement and make their marketing campaigns attractive & entertaining – we can add another dimension to marketing.”


FESPA and 3DION bring 3D printing to life at FESPA 2015

3DION figures LFR

FESPA is partnering with non-profit 3D industry initiative, 3DION, to bring the 2D printing and 3D printing industry together at FESPA 2015, which takes place in Cologne, Germany, from 18 – 22 May 2015. As its slogan ‘2D Printing meets 3D Printing’ suggests, visitors will be able to explore the business opportunities of adding 3D to an established print service offering. It also promises to stretch the imagination of anyone interested in this fast growing phenomenon, with live scanning and printing demonstrations as well as regular presentations.

The 3D Print Showcase (Hall 8, Stand A72) will feature a number of 3DION members that offer a wide range of products and services, including 3D industry leader Stratasys, 3D pioneer 3D Systems, entry-level 3D printer manufacturer Makerbot, and Roland DG, the first 2D print manufacturer to enter the 3D market. Antonius Koester will demonstrate three different scanning systems addressing different applications like art, fashion and textile printing, while mein3.de will present a workflow with scanning system and graphics tablet. Furthermore 3DION will feature Adobe, Artec, Botspot, Canto, the Dream Maker Overlord, Voxeljet and its strategic 2D partner Epson.

Sheldon Nazaré of 3DION comments: “The FESPA 3D Print Showcase should be a ‘must-see’ for every visitor at FESPA 2015, whether it’s a printer seriously considering to expand the company’s service offering, or someone merely curious about 3D printing and the opportunities it represents. The interest in 3D printing we’ve seen in the print community over the past year has been incredible, particularly for the automotive, architecture, medicine and prototyping sectors.”

“Any print service provider concerned with the future of their business should therefore ensure that they’re up to date with 3D printing and what it potentially offers – especially when it comes to prototyping,” adds 3DION´s Thomas Meurers. “They will find all of this information on the stand.”

Thomas will give his popular presentation ‘3D Printing – The Limitations lie in your Phantasy’ on Friday 22 May at 11.30 in the Education Hub, Hall 8 Stand 890.

For more information on FESPA 2015 and to pre-register your attendance, visit: www.fespa2015.com.

ArtSystems showcasing new 3D products and more at Old Trafford

Showcase OldTrafford AW

Nottingham-based distributor ArtSystems is holding a special business event at Old Trafford football stadium to showcase some of the key new products and business programmes it will be launching during 2015.

Called the ArtSystems Business Expo 2015, the event will be by invitation only and will be held on Thursday 23rd April for one day. On show will be two brand new CAD/technical printers - the Canon iPF670 and iPF770. These new products will also form the basis of two new large format multi-function devices available through ArtSystems. By combining these two new Canon printers with Colortrac Wide Format Scanners, ArtSystems will create innovative multi-function devices which will help build new income streams for resellers.

ArtSystems will also be showcasing 3D printing by displaying the Stratasys Idea Series professional desktop 3D printer range – to help their resellers take advantage of this exciting new market. Stratasys are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers, and the Idea Series is their professional entry level 3D printer range, which brings professional 3D printing to any desktop or small team workspace.

Also on display will be the Colortrac range of wide format scanners. They feature professional standard cameras, are quick and easy to use and can scan and copy documents up to 36 or 44 inches wide. Colortrac scanners are a cost-effective route into wide format scanning and enable resellers to attract scanning business from existing clients who may be outsourcing it at the moment.

ArtSystems are excited about the event as Ted Freer, Divisional Manager - Design at ArtSystems points out, “We’re very happy to be holding this event. It gives us an excellent opportunity to talk to our resellers face to face and really outline all the support we’ll be giving them throughout the year. The new and existing products we’ll be highlighting too will be great to see, and will demonstrate how we can help resellers move into new markets and build new income streams.”