Elcograf installs two HP PageWide T490 systems

Elcograf installs two HP PageWide T490 systems to strengthen its leadership throughout Italy and Europe.

Elcograf S.p.A., the leading printing company in Italy and one of the top three printing companies in Europe, completed the installation of two HP PageWide T490 systems in its Cles (TN) plant.

Today Elcograf can offer a wide range of products: from limited print runs to high-volume print runs, with a huge number of copies in a very limited period of time thanks to in-line finishing.

“With previous machines, we were getting a high quality of product but wanted more in terms of speed,” said Domenico Fasoli, Plant Manager at Elcograf. “The HP system is incredibly easy to use and the transition has been smooth, thanks to the support we received from HP every step of the way. This is more than a simple deal: it is the beginning of a partnership which, I am sure, will help us improve our business.”

HP PageWide T490

Elcograf S.p.A. is the result of the merger of Mondadori Printing and Pozzoni Printing, which have a century of history in common. Today it can count on more than 2000 employees at work in its 10 plants in Italy, as well as on modern and high-performing systems. The HP PageWide T490 printing system offers exceptional printing speed, unprecedented productivity and top-quality results, with clear text and a high optical density of black. Thanks to its flexibility, it meets the needs of those companies considering the replacement of an existing offset system, for example, for lower print runs or to be managed dynamically. With the current setup, Elcograf aims to cover print runs from 500 to 500,000 copies, managing different jobs without stopping its machines as changes are made sequentially, to efficiently satisfy the demand of a market characterised by low print runs, increasingly low stocks and the possibility of ordering more reprints during the year.

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