A new exhibit brings the history of the theatre to life, using HP PVC-free Wall Paper and the HP Designjet L25500

Hp L25500 Quantum Digital Imaging

When The Old Globe, a Tony Award® winning theatre in San Diego, California, received a grant to create an exhibit on its history, the organisation was thrilled. It immediately began creating a visual timeline featuring illustrations by costume designer Anna Oliver of iconic theatrical figures. There was just one challenge: the theatre needed to execute its ambitious vision-involving detailed graphics and a difficult installation-on a set budget.


Fortunately, Quantum Digital Imaging had the solution: the HP Designjet L25500 Printer and HP PVC-free Wall Paper. Using the HP technology, Quantum Digital Imaging printed the timeline of detailed illustrations cost-effectively and with remarkable quality.


According to Brett O'Connell, founder and owner of Quantum Digital Imaging, "The HP Designjet L25500 and HP media enabled us to compete with the solvent market and accomplish the theatre project within the budget and timeline."


New media offers an edge


When it came to meeting the theatre's budget, one of the new media options designed specifically for the HP Designjet L25500 provided a unique advantage. HP PVC-free Wall Paper hit the price point that fit the organisation's needs, and proved to be ideal for the curved walls of the installation space.


"HP PVC-free Wall Paper allows us to offer a very cost-effective, simple-to-produce and easy-to-install product for customers wanting customisable large-format graphics," says O'Connell.


Previously, Quantum Digital Imaging needed to laminate printed media and apply wallpaper paste. HP PVC-free Wall Paper, however, is pre-pasted, self-adhesive and requires no lamination. O'Connell says: "This very cost-effective wallpaper is now one of the main focuses of our new product line."


"We're able to offer more products because we can simplify production. The wallpaper is ready to install right off the printer," he adds. Along with HP PVC-free Wall Paper, Quantum Digital Imaging used HP Permanent Adhesive Matte Vinyl mounted to gatorboard to create text panels explaining each historical phase along the timeline.


Quality that sets the curve


The HP Designjet L25500 and HP PVC-free Wall Paper proved to be an ideal combination to create high-quality prints that could be installed on the theatre's interior. According to the project designer Llance Bower, wallpaper was the only feasible solution.


"I can't imagine a trickier application," says Bower. "We had to hit very specific marks on a curved wall with corners and beams." After the installation, Bower was impressed with the results: "The beautiful finish and vibrant colour astonished me. Solid colours are difficult, but there's no striping or colour variation. It holds the ink beautifully. It really looks like paint."


What's more, the theatre doesn't have to worry about potential damage to the work, which lines a busy hallway. If it's ever damaged, it can be easily peeled off and replaced. Plus the prints are odour-free, making them ideal for the high-traffic area.


The project also met the high-quality standards set by The Old Globe's executive producer, Lou Spisto. "We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the lobbies and surroundings to the productions and the actors on the stage," he explains.


Setting the stage for the future


Along with helping Quantum Digital Imaging meet the theatre's needs and increase its competitive edge, HP Latex Printing Technologies enable the company to improve its printing environment. O'Connell says, "The HP Designjet L25500 allows us to have cost-effective materials and inks, and speed-without having to worry about the impact on ourselves or the environment."


The Old Globe agrees, as Bower explains: "I was thrilled to learn about HP's commitment to environmental responsibility. Combined with the great price point, it was a slam dunk."