22 Jan 2022

Bay Cities installs high-performing Zünd D3 cutting system

Zund D3

Bay Cities, a direct designer and manufacturer of packaging and point-of-purchase displays, announced today their installation of the high-speed Zünd D3 Cutter.

This state-of-the-art, large format cutter delivers precision cutting solutions for any material by offering greater flexibility and adaptability than any other cutting system on the market. This machine will double Bay Cities’ productivity and set new standards for the packaging and display industry.

The Zünd’s cutting capabilities include dual cutting-head technology for more efficient processing, a distinctive modular design that allows for easy configuration of the required tooling, and integrated tool initialization that allows for the quick and precise setting of knives, creasing wheels, and router bits.

“It is the most sophisticated cutting & creasing solution that exists commercially today. This quick cutting machine will double our production speed and is ideal for mass customization,” says Brett Kirkpatrick, the company’s chief of operations.

The Zünd cutting system is designed for speed and exceptional performance. Its energy efficiency also optimizes profitability, as it keeps energy demands low, contributing to the system’s eco-friendliness. Additionally, it has an advanced nesting feature that ensures optimal nesting, saving time and keeping waste to a minimum.

It also allows for maximum productivity because of its ergonomic design and double-beam construction. It is the perfect complement to Bay Cities’ newly installed HP Scitex 15500 Corrugated Press, since both offer versatility and efficiency and provide substantial cost-effectiveness. The Zünd’s high-speed cutting ability goes hand in hand with the HP 15500’s high-speed printing capabilities by providing projects at a faster speed to market. By acquiring these new machines and their advanced technology, Bay Cities is providing the best solutions to their customers and continues to lead the way in the corrugated packaging, instore signage, and point-of-purchase display space.