Bigger Printing Company to represent the UK in Canon project

Representing the UK in an International UVgel Technology Project with Océ and Canon Ahead of SGIA EXPO.

The Bigger Printing Company is thrilled to announce that it was chosen to be the UK representation in a ground-breaking international print project with Océ-Technologies and Canon, titled ‘#Wallcovering Challenge’. America, Canada, Japan and Australia are also each represented in this exciting project, by one large format print company from each country.

Ahead of SGIA EXPO 2018, Océ-Technologies and Canon began planning a revolutionary project in which 5 different large format print companies, in 5 different countries would each produce one section of artwork, with the aim that all 5 sections would line up perfectly in one wall display, and most importantly, have a consistent colour across all 5 drops – demonstrating the unparalleled colour consistency provided by the Océ Colorado 1640.

Each of the 5 companies involved in the project received the same file to print, onto a Canon wall covering material, using their Océ Colorado 1640.

Back in August 2018, Bigger Printing was chosen to represent the UK in this project due to its success in leading the way with UVgel technology within the UK. Bigger Printing was one of the first in the UK to order and receive the Océ Colorado 1640 which incorporates the innovative UVgel print technology, and has been producing significant volumes of print on its Océ Colorado 1640 since November 2017.

In early September 2018, Canon visited Bigger Printing’s HQ in Cheltenham, and filmed the Production team producing a section of the final design, as well as interviewing Bigger Printing Managing Director, Sebastian Stanley. The print was then signed by Operations Manager David Bowen, to prove that the print really did come from Bigger Printing, and finally it was then dispatched to the Las Vegas Convention Centre in America ahead of SGIA EXPO to be installed alongside the prints from America, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Ahead of the doors opening at SGIA, the 5 drops were checked an installed next to each other, with no colour shifts across the panels.

Speaking about the project, Operations Manager at Bigger Printing, David Bowen said “We were thrilled to be asked to be part of this international project back in August, and it’s been so exciting it’s been difficult to keep quiet about really. Having embraced the UVgel technology provided by the Océ Colorado 1640, we haven’t looked back. The Colorado provides us with so many benefits including consistent colour on blisteringly quick prints, so to be asked to be the UK representation on this project was an incredibly easy decision. This project proves just how special this machine is; the fact that 5 different companies, in 5 different countries, using different RIP software’s, using different set-ups, working in different colour spaces, can all produce identical prints is unheard of.”

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