21 Sep 2023

Coker Expo purchases HP Latex R2000 Plus from ADAPT

Hampshire-based Coker Expo will use the HP Latex R-Series printer to produce products for new large-format modular dynamic animated lightbox brand Huebox.

Coker Expo has invested in a new HP Latex R2000 Plus printer to support the launch of an innovative new business partnership.

Set to launch to the market this spring, Huebox will deliver large-format modular dynamic animated lightbox systems designed to help bring static images to life and allow printed work to stand out in an increasingly digital world.

Print quality must be extremely high in order for images to have the required impact in the Huebox lightbox, so Coker Expo turned to HP and its R-Series printer technology to ensure it could meet the task at hand.

The HP Latex R2000 Plus was purchased from and installed by HP reseller ADAPT at Coker Expo's facility in Hampshire, ahead of Huebox's official launch later this spring.

The HP Latex R2000 Plus printer is a true hybrid for flexible and rigid printing, accommodating materials up to 2.5-metres wide and up to 5cm thick. With high production speeds of between 45 and 100 square metres per hour, paired with quality print-output, the printer can easily create graphics on a wide range of roll-fed, rigid and flexible substrates without having to compromise on quality.

Ashley Coker, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Coker Expo, said having a reliable printer with guaranteed print quality in place is critical to ensuring a successful launch of the new partnership with Huebox.

"We chose this machine as HP Latex is by far the frontrunner in printing technology," Coker said. "We always make a point of buying the best machinery. The HP Latex R2000 has the largest colour gamut on the market; it is incredibly versatile and fits the bill perfectly.

"Coker Expo has partnered with Huebox to deliver the highest quality lightbox solutions to the market. As the HP Latex R2000 is such a dynamic piece of printing kit, we are excited about what we can achieve."

Coker Expo has a tremendous amount of experience working in the display market, with the family-run business having started out as Coker Colour, a photographic company that specialised in large-format printed work.

Over the years, the influx of digital print technology meant the company evolved into a diversified business offering a wide range of print and related services, including exhibition stands, counters and banners.

Coker said the decision to partner with Huebox, and the purchase of the HP Latex R2000, reflects Coker Expo's drive to adapt to the changing market and expand its range of services available to customers.

"Investment in the new HP Latex R2000 is a big statement from us, as we move back towards a focus on print and large-format display production," Coker said. "We want to showcase the quality of our history alongside our adaptability, and the HP R2000 allows us to do just this."

Tied in with this modern approach to work is a strong commitment to the environment, and Coker said the HP Latex R2000 also fits in with this green-minded ethos.

"By purchasing HP Latex technology, we are not only guaranteeing ourselves best of breed print, but also environmentally friendly, sustainable production," Coker said. "Coker Expo is 100% committed to this way of working and as we head into a post-Covid world, this will remain a core focus for us.

"This is also the case with Huebox; being able to print on sustainable materials and dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner is hypercritical. It means we are doing our bit in a sector that is not usually credited for its planet friendliness."


HP Coker Expo 2

From left to right - Richard Collins; Christopher Coker; Alex Lincoln; Richard Tibbles.