Diagonal 80 Leverages Environmental Advantages of its HP Designjet L65500 Printer


HP today announced that Diagonal 80, a company which has recently built a modern centre of production in San Agustín del Guadalix (Madrid), has installed an HP Designjet L65500 Printer and is using it to help companies demonstrate their commitments to the environment.

A company that clearly saw the digital future, in 1996, Diagonal 80 installed its first HP Designjet wide format printer, followed by regular investments in new digital technologies that continue today.

Among is current broad range of HP printers, Diagonal 80 has an HP Designjet Z6100 Printer (1.52m); an HP Scitex FB6100 Printer (3 x 2m flatbed); an HP Scitex XP5100 Printer (5m) and its new HP Designjet L65500 Printer.

The HP Designjet L65500 Printer, that uses HP Latex Inks, was the first new printer to be installed when the company moved from its 350m2 premises in central Madrid, to a new purpose-built 2400m2 facility just outside the city.

"We chose the HP Designjet L65500 Printer for several reasons," explained Alejandro Licitra, owner, Diagonal 80. "We had a gap in quality between our production capability with solvent technology and aqueous inks, which UV-curable inks filled perfectly. We also noticed that latex inks had a far better adhesion than UV curable inks on many substrates. There were also the advantages of using inks which are more environmentally responsible, have a high colour gamut, and a create a better working environment."

Diagonal 80 also found that the HP Latex Inks offered the advantage of not being susceptible to cracking on applications that are subject to folding or repeated rolling. As Diagonal 80 supplies a large number of graphics for exhibitions including pop up displays, roller and tension banner displays and other display systems where the graphics receive repeated use and handling, this is an important characteristic.

"The number one advantage of the L65500 Printer and the latex inks is that we can meet our customers' desire for printing with the environment in mind," Licitra continued. "Often, they want to include environmental awareness in their marketing campaigns."

Diagonal 80's new building, designed by a well-known innovative architect in Madrid, AMID (cero 9), is a manifestation of the way the company wants to present its image. Part of that image is the concept of a "spotless environment," a theme that is the subject of a public competition to find the best design to decorate the whole building.

Diagonal 80 has initiated its own "spotless printing" campaign, which for them means printing with quality and with respect to the environment. With high profile end-users of its print, including international conservation and environmental groups, as well as commercial organisations that wish to promote their environmental efforts, Diagonal 80 finds the HP Designjet L65500 Printer a valuable marketing tool as well as a high quality printer.