Durst demonstrates its special organic Sol-Gel UV Ink for glass decoration at FESPA


Durst Glass Printing

Durst exhibits its glass decoration system at FESPA in Munich as part of a demonstration of the wide range of applications available with its Rho inkjet printing systems.

Decoration of glass using digital technology and organic inks is currently of great interest to architects and interior designers for use in kitchens and bathrooms, amongst other applications. Durst has developed the glass decoration system for use with its Rho 700 and 800 flatbed printers featuring organic Sol-Gel ink chemistry.

Sol-Gel UV ink is an organically pigmented ink system with high ecological standards. It is 100% VOC free and capable of UV curing, giving the same printing properties such as speed, curing and resolution, for example, as our POP inks. Unlike standard inkjet UV inks, which, if exposed to moisture or chemicals, result in strongly or totally delaminating from glass unless time consuming primers are applied, Durst Sol-Gel ink actually forms a chemical bond with the glass to provide unique resistance characteristics.

Many tests on Durst’s Sol-gel ink have been conducted and have proven its excellent adhesion, durability and chemical resistance. These tests include the following Stability Properties:

Water resistance

  • Room temperature. After immersed for 72 hours – no loss in adhesion (Cross Hatch Test EN ISO 2409). PASSED
  • Hot water (in style of ASTM D870-02). After 30 minutes immersed at 65˚C - no loss in adhesion (Cross Hatch Test EN ISO 2409). PASSED

Steam resistance

  • (In style of ASTM D2247-02). After 30 minutes exposure to water vapour up to 45˚C/100% humidity - no loss in adhesion (Cross Hatch Test EN ISO 2409). PASSED

Solvent resistance

  • Tested with alcohols, glass cleaning agents (5%), commercial bath and shower cleaners, acids (hydrochloric 10%, acetic 5%), caustic soda (2.3%). No ink removal. PASSED


  • According to DIN controlled Bluewool Test
  • Bluewool rating = 8
  • Lifetime for 25% colour loss > 2 years for outdoor applications and > 10 years for indoor applications

The system offers the user exceptional flexibility. It is capable of full scale production runs of interior fittings for large retail chains or glass furniture, for example, and is also able to produce one-offs and prototypes, such as boutique interiors or temporary outdoor signs. With a Durst Rho printer at the heart of the system, you are assured of the highest productivity and the finest quality print, included pin sharp text as small as 4pt. The Sol-Gel ink is available in CMYK with options of white and Satinato, for imitation of satin glass.