Durst Rho printers installed across Canada

Durst Rho 500r

Owing to a relatively strong national economy and astute business planning, commercial imagers and digital print providers across Canada made sizable investments in capital equipment—specifically, wide-format digital imaging platforms—over the last 12-15 months, evidenced by the significant number of Durst Rho UV production inkjet printers installed during that period, Durst Image Technology US LLC said.

This development suggests that production digital imaging has become a primary—if not the primary—printing technology for Canada's vibrant signage and display industries. The newest Rho printers equipped with the most advanced imaging and workflow technologies are at work in imaging businesses located in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and a variety of communities in between, Durst said.

"You'll find our Durst printers at Canadian ICON Digital in Richmond Hill, Holland & Crosby in Toronto, SCL Imaging in Scarborough, Sherine Industries in Surry, British Columbia, and Airos Studio outside Vancouver—along with a number of other Canadian print providers from coast to coast," said Christopher Howard, senior vice president, North American Sales & Marketing.

"These are just the most recent additions to a growing list of Canadian print providers choosing Durst over production digital printing platforms from other manufacturers," Howard added. "And we are being joined by more in the near future, such as Impact Imaging in Mississauga and Cowan Graphics in Edmonton. Our customers in Canada demonstrate a great deal of initiative and creativity in selecting our most innovative platforms to take on brand new applications that their clients are asking for, and growing their businesses in the process."

Durst has been instrumental in bringing advanced digital printing technologies to market—improving image quality, media handling, workflow productivity, ink options and the ability to print on a wide variety of surfaces. These technologies are "standard equipment" on the Rhotex 320 for textile, fabric and "soft signage" printing; Rho 500R and 320R roll printers; Rho 1000 and Rho 900 flatbed / hybrid printers, and the Rho 161 TS for producing reflective traffic signs.