EFI debuts best-in-class VUTEk TX3250r textile printer at ITMA

Vutek Tx3250r

As a first-time exhibitor, and endorsing its experience in wide-format digital textile solutions, EFI(TM) is participating at ITMA (Barcelona, Spain, 22-29 Sept) with the VUTEk TX3250r fabric printing system designed for industrial and display applications. This innovative dye sublimation printer has a maximum  width of 3.2m and incorporates many of the benefits and attributes of the company's world-leading inkjet solutions.

Launched to great acclaim in the spring of this year, EFI's VUTEk TX3250r will be demonstrated in a live production environment at ITMA, complemented by a Klieverik calender. The TX3250r is a new wide-format production solution that has evolved from the first industrial inkjet textile system, the VUTEk FabriVu, introduced by the company in 2002. Advances made in this market sector have now resulted in an innovative, versatile fabric printer that marries the combination of excellent quality with industrial performance for high-margin applications.

Ideal for display producers as well as industrial sectors, the VUTEk TX3250r can be used to print direct to textile or indirect to transfer paper to produce samples
and short-runs, home and commercial décor such as wall coverings and furnishings, as well as a vast range of soft signage, banner and flag applications. Its appeal
also lies in generating more environmentally aware production practices in the retail and point-of-sale areas, along with easier logistics and lighter weight applications.

Designed to be used with Hilord's sublimation dyes, the VUTEk TX3250r outputs high quality, brilliant colours with excellent durability across a wide variety of
polyester-based fabrics. Integration with EFI's production software results in a precise, fully  colour-managed workflow, resulting in a complete, easy-to-use solution on a strong and powerful platform.

Managing director and owner of Faber France, Patrice Verley, comments, "We already use two VUTEk FabriVu machines on a day-to-day basis and their reliability and output quality have been excellent. The new VUTEk TX3250r is faster and incorporates higher resolution, so it was an easy choice for us when we needed to invest in additional printing capacity for our growing textile production business."

Wollux is one of Europe's largest textile printing companies. Based in Mouscron, Belgium, their experience with VUTEk technology goes back to 1999. "We produce between 500,000 and 750,000 sq m of digitally printed textile per year- mostly flags, banners and POP decoration," said CEO Edwin Birnbaum. "When EFI showed us the speed gains and the image and colour quality offered by their new VUTEk TX3250r, we decided to be the first to offer these benefits to our customers.  The machine has been working double shifts since we installed it."

The growing awareness of wide-format digital textile printing led EFI to decide to exhibit at this year's ITMA exhibition in Barcelona. "Although the graphic arts
and display sectors know EFI and its solutions, our increasing presence in the fabric arena is attracting specialist customers. We want to address this by participating at this important, dedicated textile event," explains Emmanuel Swolfs, International Field Marketing Manager for EFI VUTEk. "There has been increased interest in the digital textile sector and this specialist solution will appeal to new and existing users of dye sublimation technology. ITMA gives EFI the ideal platform for demonstrating the VUTEk TX3250r to a dedicated audience."

The new VUTEk TX3250r complements EFI's diverse portfolio of wide- and narrow-format digital inkjet systems, which utilise UV-curable ink, including VUTEk grand format inkjet printers, Rastek(TM) wide-format inkjet printers and Jetrion® industrial  inkjet printers, along with the company's software solutions for colour-managed workflow, its Fieryâ XF RIP, plus specialist options for full management across all print disciplines.