EFI launch New VUTEk QS3250r Superwide


Vutek Qs3200r

EFI today introduced a new member of its award-winning VUTEk QS family of industry-leading superwide format UV printers, the 3.2-metre UV roll-to-roll QS3250r, which uses new technology to expand applications, enhance media handling and simplify workflows. The new QS3250r packs dozens of innovations that customers will immediately recognise as keys to making their print businesses more profitable with a wider range of materials and applications.

Expanded Applications

The QS3250r 3.2-metre UV roll-to-roll printer expands applications with new features that include automated laser-aligned double-sided printing and platen temperature control. The automated laser system simplifies the process of printing double sided images, enabling enhanced registration for double-sided banners, while reducing production time and minimising waste. The new platen control unit accommodates printing on low-cost and heat-sensitive materials, giving customers the ability to improve profits by reducing costs and expand their print capabilities. Providing near-perfect panel matching, the QS3250r enables worry-free printing on a wide range of flexible media up to .125 inches (3.2 mm) thick at speeds up to 1,850 square feet (172 sq.m) per hour. Plus, with resolution up to 1080 dpi, this printer is ideal for producing superior quality Point-of-Purchase displays, indoor and outdoor posters and signage, fleet graphics and high-margin wallpaper applications.

Advanced Media Handling and Impressive Workflows

Although the QS3250r takes advantage of many advancements, its media-handling equipment is truly ahead of the curve. A temperature control system eliminates stress on the media to ensure smooth travel through the print area, which is especially important for thin, unsupported media, and a new encoder design increases accuracy without media distortion. Workflows are also more sophisticated with the inclusion of interior lights, a media alignment scale and a platen vacuum gauge, all of which contribute to the incredible usability of the machine and reduce set-up time.

"Aside from constantly growing, the superwide printing market is also evolving, and the QS3250r is the latest generation of VUTEk printers to address this changing market," said EFI VUTEk senior vice president/general manager Dick Wissenbach. "Leading the industry in resolution and speed, the QS3250r has expanded the number of capable applications for UV roll-to-roll printing at a very cost-effective price.   EFI customers expect to be on the cutting edge of printing technology, and the next-generation advancements we've made in the QS3250r give our customers a clear advantage over their competition."

EFI customer Georgia Printco, LLC in Lakeland, Georgia (USA) was among the first to experience the QS3250r in action. "A national print brokerage firm asked us to print 500,000 square feet (45,000 sm.m) of banner material in a very short amount of time. EFI delivered and installed our VUTEk QS3250r and had us printing in 48 hours," says Drew Barry, director of marketing for Georgia Printco. "The printer has been printing around the clock for almost a month, and EFI's tech support has been responsive and helpful. So far we have produced over 295,000 square feet (27,000 sq.m), and we're still going strong. The quality and reliability from VUTEk have both been superb."

All EFI VUTEk superwide printers are optimised for use with Fiery® XF, EFI's production RIP solution for superwide and wide-format printers. The fast RIP achieves the best performance and speed and its automated workflow increases production and improves output quality for the most accurate, vibrant colours.

"The new VUTEk QS3250r will be shipping in first quarter 2010," added Wissenbach.  "EFI has a long history of product innovation, and the VUTEk QS3250r is another strong example of that innovation at work."

For more information about the VUTEk QS3250r, visit www.efi.com/vutek