21 Jul 2024

First Landa S11P Nanographic Printing Press install in the U.S

First Landa S11P Nanographic Printing Press install in the U.S.

Quantum Group and Landa Digital Printing has announce that the installation of the first Landa S11P Nanographic Printing Press in the U.S., at Quantum’s Chicago, U.S. plant, is now complete.

The Landa S11P is Quantum’s second Landa press and one of two new B1 digital press models announced by Landa at a pre-drupa press briefing in March. The Landa S11 and S11P models offer 11,200 sph continuous print speed; Landa’s PrintAI for high fidelity, precision print quality; and additional modules that can be utilized for custom configurations.

“We’ve purchased our second Landa press because the experience with the first has been so positive,” says Quantum Group CEO, Cheryl Kahanec.

“The Landa press platform, overall, is opening a world of opportunity for us. From 41-inch sheet size and high speed to color range and substrate compatibility; Landa presses consistently – and sustainably – produce high end and variable content for so many different applications.”

The additional capacity provided by the Landa S11P will help support growth that Quantum credits to the S10P’s positive impact on plant-wide production and new business. In addition, Kahanec believes that the company will now beat its timeline estimates for at least two new application initiatives.

“When we moved work from traditional offset printing to the S10P,” Kahanec explains, “we started to see an increase in automation throughout the entire enterprise. The faster processing times and increased efficiency across all departments has allowed us to expand our service offerings as well as the vertical markets we serve…ultimately leading to substantial growth.”

In fact, Kahanec says that four of six new clients who recently joined the Quantum family are bringing work as a direct result of Quantum’s partnership with Landa.

The bottom line is that we can’t have just one,” Kahanec says. “It’s an exceptional press.”

Sharon Cohen, Landa’s Chief Business Officer, says, “Twenty percent of our customers, now including Quantum, have purchased more than one Landa press. Quantum’s first press, the S10P, is not only meeting Landa’s original goal to address the profitability gap – that is, the increasing number of jobs that were not being served effectively by available offset or digital solutions – it is also having the effect of improving the efficiency of production operations plant-wide. And now, also with thanks to Landa, Quantum is expanding its portfolio and welcoming new vertical customers to the fold.

“It is an honor to be part of an effort that is delivering so much for our customers. Congratulations to Cheryl and Quantum on all this success, and for Quantum’s acquisition of a brand new S11P!”