FLYERALARM installs 1st European EFI VUTEk HS125 F4

FLYERALARM Extends Product Portfolio with 1st European EFI VUTEk HS125 F4 Inkjet Press Installation Increased flexibility, speed and quality for digital large-format printing.

Electronics for Imaging, Inc. announces the first European installation of the EFI VUTEk HS125 F4 hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll inkjet press at FLYERALARM GmbH in Würzburg, Germany. The press will give the print service provider more flexibility in responding to customer requests.

FLYERALARM, one of the largest online printing companies in Europe, is expanding its already extensive product portfolio with the new hybrid press and is increasing its productivity in the large-format printing (LFP) sector. "Thanks to the great flexibility of the machine with regard to the range of materials, we will now be able to offer our customers additional and even more personalised products," said Igor Zanovskiy, managing director of the Large Format Printing department at FLYERALARM.

High-speed printing with state-of-the-art technology
FLYERLARM is using the state-of-the-art technology in the VUTEk HS125 F4 to satisfy the demand from the high number of LFP customers as quickly as possible. The company sends out approximately 3,000 packages per day to the LFP sector alone. The products, which are primarily ordered online via the FLYERALARM web shop, include awnings, banners, roll-ups, displays, sheets, signs, exhibition equipment, car wraps, adhesive foils and more.

With its eight colour channels arranged in a dual CMYK configuration, the new VUTEk HS125 F4 can reach output speeds of up to 225 boards per hour, increasing FLYERALARM's productivity.

Company executives remark that the press offers excellent print quality. "Using greyscale printing with variable droplet size, we can offer our customers a quality advantage," said Zanovskiy. Even fine-art quality printing is possible with the EFI VUTEk HS125 F4 in slower printing modes.

Individual products in focus
Another important considered feature when purchasing the press was its excellent flexibility. For example, it can print on a range of different media. In the future, FLYERALARM plans to offer even more bespoke products alongside its standard products to customers, 90 percent of which come from the B2B sector.

"Our bespoke department already deals with our customers' special requests. With the new EFI machine, we now have the opportunity to gradually expand this service and to expand the range with many new products at the same time," said Igor Zanovskiy.

FLYERALARM is further accommodated by the fact that the new machine has very short set-up times, so substrates or print settings can be changed rapidly if required. As a result, the company can produce very small quantities and even bespoke jobs profitably.

EFI as a strong partner
The online printing company was founded in 2002 and is active in 15 countries in Europe and has more than 2,000 employees. It has been providing products to the LFP sector for ten years. In 2012, FLYERALARM invested in its first large-format digital printing system from EFI, a VUTEk printer that is still in use every day.

Installation of the new VUTEk press went smoothly - "As with all EFI systems in the company," said Zanovskiy. As FLYERALARM works around the clock, the company places a high value on having robust digital printing systems. The new VUTEk machine is perfect for long-term and continuous operation and is equipped with the early warning and detection systems to minimise downtime and scrap.

EFI's strong service offering was another key factor in FLYERALARM's decision to add another VUTEk. "The fact that we have already invested in a fourth large format printing system from EFI speaks for itself," said Zanovskiy. "With EFI, we have a strong and reliable partner by our side, who also knows what is important for print service providers like us."

Caption image FLYERALARM_FESPA_2: From left to right: Tarik Sevinc, EFI Sales Development Manager, Igor Zanovskiy, FLYERALARM Managing Director of the Large Format Printing department, Markus Hessdörfer, FLYERALARM Production Manager, Paul Cripps, EFI Vice President Europe Sales