21 Jul 2024

Fokina sees growth with Fujifilm's Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED

Fokina achieves remarkable business growth with Fujifilm's Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED printer.

Fokina, a dynamic printing business based in Germany, has experienced substantial business growth, and harnessed the full potential of its printing capabilities, by adding a Fujifilm Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED to its fleet of printers.

Fokina's strategic investment in 2023 marked Fujifilm's inaugural sale of the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED in Germany.

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED printer has proven to be a game-changer for Fokina, delivering unparalleled versatility and reliability, and giving the company the capability to take on more jobs than ever. Known for delivering high quality results, Fokina's decision to invest in Fujifilm's innovative technology has helped the business to continue meeting the diverse needs of its clients – and with faster turnaround times.

Fokina showcased the capabilities of the Acuity Ultra printer by producing stunning graphics for Fujifilm's stand at FESPA 2022. Collaborating with Equinox, a renowned exhibition stand design company, Fokina demonstrated the printer's exceptional performance, as well as its ability to create show-stopping visuals.


fujifilm acuity hybrid led

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED has ensured operational efficiency on various fronts at Fokina. It not only streamlines machine and company processes but also contributes to resource conservation. Moreover, in light of escalating energy costs, the printer is cost-effective, boasting low power consumption and ink usage.

Sven Breiter, CEO of Fokina, comments: "Fujifilm's Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED printer has truly revolutionised our productivity and has allowed us to achieve new heights in terms of quality and efficiency. This machine was the best choice to solve our business’s daily challenges.

“With our two Fujifilm machines, we’re able to deliver flexibility, quality and value for money to our customers, and we’re always supported by Fujifilm’s exceptional customer service, training and technical expertise.”

Sven adds: "Our partnership with Fujifilm has been instrumental in driving our success, and the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED has become an indispensable asset in our design and printing processes."

Shaun Holdom, Business Development Manager, Wide Format, at Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems, comments: “Fokina has been a valued partner and customer of Fujifilm since 2020 when they first invested in the Acuity Ultra, a precursor to the groundbreaking Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED. The longstanding relationship between Fokina and Fujifilm underscores the trust and confidence Fokina places in Fujifilm's cutting-edge technologies, creating a perfect synergy of success.”

To find out more about the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED: https://fujifilmprint.eu/product/ultra-hybrid-led/


fujifilm acuity ultra hybrid led