30 Sep 2023

Fotorecord Print goes all-digital with FUJIFILM J Press 750S

Offloading Offset: Fotorecord Print Center goes all-digital with FUJIFILM J Press 750S.

Pittsburgh-based Fotorecord Print Center (Fotorecord), a 20-employee printing company with a 28-year history, recently transitioned from traditional offset print equipment to an all-digital print environment with the installation of a FUJIFILM J Press 750S digital Inkjet press (J Press).

This strategic transformation has enabled Fotorecord to diversify its print offerings, including longer run booklets, large versioned poster work (for a well-known sporting goods chain), more versatile pocket folder offerings, and variable data direct mailers. Additionally, due to the increased efficiency and shorter run times, their capacity has increased without the need for press operator overtime.

“The installation of the J Press at Fotorecord is especially exciting because it represents a trend we’re seeing in the industry of complete transition from offset to digital,” said Aarona Tesch, product manager, inkjet technologies, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “The J Press has opened Fotorecord up to new types of business and, as a result, increased market penetration in the greater Pittsburgh area.”

Fotorecord obsoleted an offset press that printed a 14”x20” sheet size and selected the market-leading J Press. The J Press has a 23”x29” sheet size and much greater overall efficiency than a traditional offset press, opening Fotorecord up to more dynamic printing capabilities to offer customers. With the J Press in place, Fotorecord is now able to quote larger jobs and shorter turnaround times than when printing offset.

Fotorecord was initially considering investing in a larger offset press, in order to compete with the strong offset business that exists in Pittsburgh. In time, after observing the industry’s shift toward digital printing, they began to consider solutions beyond traditional offset printing. When evaluating digital print options, the larger sheet size, inkjet color consistency, ability to use more substrates and heavier weights for printing, as well as the ability to easily print variable data pieces were all critical features that focused Fotorecord’s attention on the J Press.

Their investment in the J Press was considered extremely carefully. A detailed cost analysis, a thoughtful review of ROI scenarios, and even outsourcing some work to other digital printing companies to gain market knowledge and examine the finished product culminated in the decision to invest in the J Press. “We certainly did our homework in making this decision,” said Paul Nickoloff, owner of Fotorecord. “When crunching all the numbers and projecting the return on investment as well as the amount of new business we could gain, the decision became clear to invest in going all-digital with the J Press.”

“Offset printers are now sending us work that they can’t complete as quickly or efficiently as Fotorecord can through the use of our new J Press,” Nickoloff said. “We’re earning new business with companies we were previously unable to support with our old offset press. The J Press remains the key to our continued growth and success.”

For additional information on FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, go to www.fujifilm.com/us/en/about/region/affiliates/graphic-systems