Fujifilm supplies dual Inca Onset flatbed printers to Imprint Group

Fujfiilm Imprint Group Inca Onset S50i

POP & display specialist, Imprint Group, is the first UK-based company to invest in both the Inca Onset S50i and Onset R40i wide-format flatbed UV printers supplied by Fujifilm. Increased quality and productivity were the main objectives to drive the business decision.

Dave Matthews, group sales director at Imprint Group, explains: "We have been at the forefront of large-format developments since 2001, and are constantly on the lookout for the latest technology innovations. Now is the right time to replace two of the three Inca Onset S20 devices we purchased four years ago with more advanced pieces of equipment. We believe that the investment in highly productive devices like the Inca Onset S50i and R40i will allow us to increase efficiency, print longer production runs and deliver higher volume POP materials."

Trading for over 30 years, Imprint Group has been a loyal Fujifilm customer since day one. Priding itself on stringent colour management standards, bespoke print management solutions and creative expertise, Imprint Group values Inca and Fujifilm as a reliable supplier of leading print technologies.

Dave was particularly impressed by the performances offered by the latest Inca Onset models. He continues: "With the increasing market demand for a quick response and turnaround time, it is crucial to invest in flatbed printers that can deliver excellent quality and high productivity. The throughput and print quality guaranteed by the Inca Onset S50i and R40i are outstanding. We quickly came to the conclusion that the printers were the best fit for the type of work we produce and the market we work in. It also allow us to consider future expansion into new markets."

The company is confident that high-end technologies such as the Inca Onset printers will support its ongoing growth. Dave highlights: "The machines will enable us to deal with large volumes of print even in the busiest months of the year. Choosing two presses from the same Onset family will also ensure colour consistency across the platforms and high quality applications that can meet the requirements of the most demanding print buyers."

He concludes: "We offer our clients a first class service supported by intelligent IT technologies designed to make their lives easier and satisfy their ever-changing needs. The relationship with Fujifilm and the investment in Inca's advanced technologies is fundamental to guarantee this."