King International increases production volume with Inca Onset S20 from Fujifilm

Inca Onset S20

Fujifilm North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division has announced that King International Corporation (KIC) of King, NC has installed an Inca Onset S20 UV flatbed press to increase capacity and respond faster to customer demands for high quality point-of-purchase display graphics. KIC has been in business since 1977 and specialises in screen printing, but in 2006 began integrating digital technology into its workflow.

"By 2007, 20 percent of our business was digital and with the integration of the Onset S20, 40 percent of the work we are producing today is digitally printed," said Chris Smith, CEO, King International Corporation. "Since its installation in November, we have been very happy with the speed, quality and the increased capacity the S20 has provided to my business overall. One of the outstanding reasons I chose the Onset S20 is because it offers the best quality-to-speed ratio on the market."

At the 50,000 square foot facility, KIC specialises in decals, stickers, magnets, overlays, POP signage and other printed plastics, in addition to promotional items and custom services and applications including anything from printed ceiling tiles to floor graphics. With the ability to produce 40 percent of the shop's work digitally, KIC is realising the economic benefits that the Onset S20 presents. Using the Onset S20 instead of screen printing has reduced man hours and the manual labour typically associated with operating a screen press. Furthermore, the increased capacity is allowing KIC to acquire more work. The Inca Onset is one of two flatbed printers at the plant.

"Prior to installing the Onset S20, if a customer asked us to produce 100 large POP display posters in two days I couldn't have done it," explained Smith. "Now I can accommodate these last minute, fast turnaround orders offering my current customers additional service that I previously wasn't able to supply. At KIC it's very important that we provide personalised service with unmatched quality and value for on-time production and delivery. The Inca Onset S20 is helping us stand by this promise."

With a full bed print array across the 5x10-foot print bed, the Inca Onset S20 has print speeds of over 3,600 square feet or 68 beds per hour of high quality point-of-purchase display graphics with substrates as thick as two inches. In addition to the CMYK configuration, the S20 offers a choice of white or light cyan and light magenta. The S20 also gives printers flexibility to set the desired gloss level on a per job basis directly from the operator console.

"A major factor in choosing the Inca Onset S20 was the attentive service I knew I would receive from Fujifilm and Inca," Smith continued. "I am a long-time Fujifilm ink customer and this is my first digital printer purchase from them. I am very satisfied with the results."

Smith also believes the Inca Onset S20 distinguishes KIC from other printers and shows that they are on the cutting-edge of digital print technology allowing them to offer their customers the highest degree of top quality service possible. "We expect that the Inca Onset S20 is going to help us secure new, larger accounts," Smith said.

"Fujifilm is more than just a leader in inkjet printing technology; we are a service organisation dedicated to helping our print partners identify the solutions that will help grow their business and compete more aggressively in an evolving market," said Mitch Bode, general manager, Graphic Systems Division, Fujifilm North America Corporation. "The Onset S20 will provide KIC the capability to win more business."