New HP Scitex FB500 and LX600 installed at ArtSystems Demonstration Suites

Hp Scitex Lx800

ArtSystems offers unique large format demonstration resource for HP Partners

ArtSystems has completed installation of the two new HP Scitex large format printers at its Nottingham based demonstration suites.

The HP Scitex FB500 and LX600 both debuted at IPEX 2010 in May.

The HP Scitex FB500

A 64inch 6 colour UV curable ink printer with a range of media handling options enabling to print on a wide range rigid and flexible media. The HP Scitex FB500 has an extensive range of options such as extension tables and white ink making it one of the most flexible printers in its class.

The HP Scitex LX600

An augmented version of the original L65500 104 inch Latex ink printer, the LX600 now offers dual roll media handling and enhanced firmware to enable it to print dual roll print jobs.

‘We now have both these units in our demo suite, so our partners are able to use them to show their customers and have full one to one demonstrations without the pressures of visiting a show.’ states Andrew Edwards, Sales Division Manager

To launch the new printers in their demonstration role there is a series of Think Big with HP days from the 15th June to the 1st July where resellers will bring clients to see the new printers in action.

Hp Scitex Fb500