Sherine Industries installs Durst Rho printer to produce traffic signage

Durst Rho 161 Ts

Sherine Industries of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada has helped usher in a new era of reflective sign making with its recent installation of the first Durst Rho 161 TS Roll-to-Roll UV Inkjet Printer in North America.

The company will host B.C. Ministry of Transportation officials, the BC Minister of Public Safety, the Mayor of Surrey, the news media and others on March 2 at its Surrey facility outside Vancouver, for a "demo" of its new ability to produce vibrant, durable reflective signs that meet stringent traffic safety and "green" government standards in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.

"We constantly strive to provide the best-quality signs available, and our Rho 161 TS helps us achieve even better results," Sherine Industries President Steve Hocaluk said. "This state-of-the-art printer allows us to fill orders at a faster rate—we can output 700 square feet an hour. And by printing directly onto media, we're able to eliminate steps, which improves our cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. The Rho 161 TS employs an environmentally friendly printing process. It's also very versatile and very flexible, with the ability to make fast media changes, so we can do more with multiple media types and satisfy every customer request."

The Durst Rho 161 TS, developed primarily for traffic sign manufacturers and already in use in other parts of the world, is a large-format (157.5 cm / 62 inches wide) "direct-to-print" digital inkjet printer designed to produce eye-catching, long-lasting public and private signs for traffic, informational and other uses. It represents an entirely new, environmentally friendly approach to the creation of signs for a variety of official, institutional and other applications that require, or would benefit from, rich and durable reflective properties.

"Sherine Industries is an industry leader because Steve Hocaluk and his team are constantly working to raise the bar in terms of their performance, innovation and the products they deliver," said Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President, North American Sales & Marketing for Durst US. "Their Rho 161 TS helps them minimise the time, materials, waste and dollars required to produce better output for their clients faster and more efficiently, with a reduced impact on the environment. We're pleased to have Sherine Industries as part of the Durst community."