- the first UK company to invest in Agfa :Jeti 3020 Titan

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Hull-based is the first UK company to invest in Agfa’s new :Jeti Titan UV inkjet printer. This highly capable machine not only delivers high resolution quality and high production speeds but its unique design enables it to be upgraded in the field to meet customers’ changing demands for increased productivity and quality as their business grows.

The :Jeti Titan will play a major part in the comprehensive range of design and display products that provides to customers throughout the UK, including major retailers, estate agents, property developers and government agencies.

“We chose the :Jeti Titan for a number of reasons. Firstly, for its size - it has a print area of 3x2 metres - then for its productivity - outputting quality prints at almost 200 m2/hr. We opted for the 36 print heads version - 32 printing colour plus four white - but in the future we have the option to upgrade the machine’s performance if we feel it is necessary. We could also increase the number of print heads to 40 or even 48 when required,” explains Mike Hitchman, managing director,

The :Jeti 3020 Titan is an upgradeable high-resolution production UV-inkjet printer offering customers a flat-to-roll option. It has the unique facility to increase the speed and capabilities as a business grows.  The Titan range starts with a 16 head unit delivering 1,087sqft/hr (101 m²/hr) and is field upgradeable with white, light colours, orange and more CMYK heads to 48 heads giving 2,098sqft/hr (195 m²/hr).

“I am delighted to have the Titan on board. The installation has gone very smoothly and the printer was up and running in just a couple of days. Agfa has shown that they understand our business and I look forward to building a long-term relationship with them,” Hitchman concludes. 

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[photo shows the Agfa :Jeti 3020 Titan being delivered to's premises]