Speedscreen invests in Durst 320R UV

 Durst 320r Uv

To stamp its mark further on the wide format digital scene, Speedscreen has placed an order for a Durst 320 R UV roll to roll machine .

Tim Hill, Speedscreen's owner and Managing Director comments, "It was a natural progression for us.  I always had it in mind to augment our UV digital production capability with another machine, I just wasn't sure for a while what that machine would be. Our last major purchase was the Durst 800 hybrid machine which prints flat rigid material and would also do rolls up to 2.5 m wide. Whilst it was the perfect fit for us, I could see the advantages of keeping the 800 as a dedicated flat bed and then have a separate roll to roll UV machine. It wasn't a difficult decision to stay with the Durst family, especially having seen the machine demonstrated at the factory and having witnessed its massive capability at a German customer site. I can honestly say I was blown away once again by the consistent quality of print and level of engineering excellence that comes with a Durst.  A new software development called pass overlap has been added.  Whilst it slows the print speed by 7%, the total absence of banding was truly impressive at all speed levels - and I threw some pretty mean files at them!  The ability to run truly unattended overnight really swung the deal for me, with the machine sending a text to say job is finished.  My biggest frustration is the 12 week lead time for delivery."

He adds, "The difference with Durst is that the organisation builds to order.  We have gone for all the bells and whistles on this model - a dual roll facility, a double sided print option, White overprint and light magenta/ light cyan plus an in line cutting option.  The extras list does bump up the price, but it's a bit like buying an Audi or BMW - it's the extras that make an already good car into a great car.  This investment is some 6 months ahead of our intended next development phase, but with the continued growth and demand for our digital business I have brought things forward." 

Installation of the 3.2 m wide machine should take place in early April 2011.