01 Oct 2023

Tech:art reaps benefits with Fujifilm Acuity Prime 30

The Italian printer's September 2021 investment in Fujifilm's Acuity flatbed has resulted in new business ventures.

Tech:art, based in Trofarello, Italy and founded in 2002, is a full service print service provider offering their B2B and B2C customers support from pre-press, through to design, prototyping, packaging and logistics.

Fujifilm‘s Acuity Prime 30 is the latest addition to their portfolio of printers, with the installation taking place in September 2021.

In the few months since the installation, Tech:art has been thoroughly impressed. Davide Salvo, CEO and General Manager at Tech:art says: “When the machine was first installed, there were some final calibrations to sort, but we just couldn’t wait to use it so we started running production jobs anyway. We were instantly impressed. The productivity of the machine is far beyond what we had expected and exceeds any other machine we have seen before in a similar price bracket.”

“We first heard about the Acuity Prime in the summer of 2021 from a Fujifilm sales contact.” Mr. Salvo continues. “We were very impressed by how easy it is to use and the outstanding print quality and productivity it offers. This, along with our confidence in Fujifilm as a brand, ultimately led to the investment decision.

“We are typically using the machine for interior design applications such as wood, plexiglass, glass and metal as well as signage. We were previously using a competitor machine, but it was proving impossible to print with the quality and speed that we now can achieve with the Acuity Prime 30.

“Our customers place very specific high demands on us. They require high quality and fast turnaround times, and more recently, they request work that requires the use of special primers, varnishes and white inks. With the Acuity Prime 30, we have been able to meet such demands and many of our customers have already provided positive feedback on the print quality and the wide colour gamut it offers."

They have also been impressed by the strong ink adhesion and the wide range of materials that can be used. In fact, with the addition of this machine, we have been able to acquire new customers. Looking ahead, I see customisation as a major trend within the market this year and I am confident the Acuity Prime will enable us to meet such demands.

“Aside from the technical benefits, we were also very impressed with the sleek, attractive, user-friendly design. I would not hesitate to recommend the Acuity Prime 30 - it has made our business significantly more profitable due to the combination of its high speed and lower ink consumption.

Mr. Salvo also acknowledges his appreciation of Fujifilm. “We can’t fault the service and support we received from Fujifilm throughout the sales and installation process. We feel confident that we have found a great long-term partner in Fujifilm.”

Kevin Jenner, European Marketing Manager for Wide Format Inkjet Systems at Fujifilm Europe says: “The Acuity Prime 30 is one of the most innovative printers that forms part of Fujifilm’s strategy to create ‘the new blueprint for wide format’, resetting expectations relating to price/performance, versatility, value and ease-of-use. We are delighted to see that Tech:art has experienced this first hand and has already noticed significant enhancements to their business since investing in this machine. We look forward to seeing how this continues to develop throughout our partnership.”