17 Jun 2021

Konica Minolta starting mass production of the KM1024 series printheads

Konica Minolta KM1024 Printhead

Konica Minolta Inkjet Technologies , Tokyo today announced production ramp-up of their KM1024 series printheads. The first introduction of the printhead was in DRUPA-2008.

The KM1024 series heads have been very well accepted in the wide-format and single-pass inkjet market places over the last year. Sales volumes have increased markedly and Konica Minolta has now moved the product line into full mass production.

The printheads are available in 3 drop sizes, 6pl, 14pl and 42pl. All models can be used in binary or greyscale mode (3 bit). Versions are available with built-in electrical heater for use with UV inks, or without heater  for Oil and Solvent ink.

The KM1024 series heads pack a large number of nozzles into a very small space. They have excellent drop-placement accuracy and drop velocity consistency making them ideal for high-quality single-pass applications.

The KM1024 requires only a very simple and elegant  ink supply system. It is also suitable for use with white ink.  The .KM1024 is easy to use and gives very high reliability and so is ideal for industrial inkjet applications.
The KM1024 series heads have a new low-capacitance architecture which reduces power consumption by upto 50% compared to the KM512 series heads, making them the "environmentally friendly" choice.

A full set of peripheral components is available from Industrial Inkjet Ltd. Industrial inkjet can also supply complete single-pass inkjet print engines,  using the KM1024 heads, to OEM partners.

New models of the KM1024 series head are becoming available soon – contact Industrial Inkjet Ltd for details.

Océ Arizona 350 XT Printer produces print for Birds-of-a-Feather fundraiser.

Oce Arizona 350 XT printer

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, was recently called upon to help create a stunning tablescape to support the DIFFA Chicago Chapter’s Dining by Design 2009 event held in the Chicago Merchandise Mart, November 5-7, 2009.

DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), through fundraising events and grants, supports HIV/AIDS service and education programs in the U.S. Founded in 1984, DIFFA has granted more than $38 million to hundreds of community-based organizations. The DIFFA Chicago chapter recently held its 8th annual Dining by Design event that showcases individuals in the Chicago design community and pairs them with generous table sponsors to create three-dimensional dining suites that are works of art.

NELSON, an international design and consulting firm based in Chicago, contacted the Océ Wide Format Printing Systems office to inquire about helping create an elemental piece for the tablescape. Jim Pelletier, Senior Project Designer at NELSON, had previously worked on the design and build-out of the new Océ Solution Studio in New York City. Seeing the capabilities of the Océ Arizona® 350 XT printer during that project, Jim thought it would be a good fit to create a one-of-a-kind tablecloth for the event. Jim and his team worked with Jeffrey Brito, Manager of the Display Graphics Knowledge Center at the Océ location in Itasca, IL, to print a full-size, round tablecloth with a birdseed image keeping with the “Birds of a Feather” theme of the dining suite. Because of the oversized table on the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer, the tablecloth could be produced in one piece, without seams.

Jeff and his team went to work on the project when they received a tightly-folded, white cotton tablecloth, which had been purchased at a local linens store. It was professionally cleaned and pressed, and the cleaner rolled it onto a large core for transport. The Océ Arizona 350 XT printer was prepared by placing self-adhesive vinyl (SAV), sticky-side up, on the vacuum table. The tablecloth was carefully placed on the SAV and a manual roller was used to smooth it out. The birdseed image was then printed directly onto the tablecloth.

“Océ’s effort, time and the Océ Arizona printer were a tremendous help with our design,” said James Pelletier. “It was a huge success, and our entry stood out among the others. A number of guests asked about the tablecloth and where we got it. When we explained that it was printed on an Océ Arizona printer, they were amazed and very impressed.”

The “Birds of a Feather” table was a collaboration between NELSON and Coalesse®, Inc. (Chicago), a supplier of lifestyle furniture for home and office. Three DIFFA events were held over three days: the first event, “Cocktails by Design” attracted more than 700 visitors. The second event was a private affair attended by 200 people. The third evening was the “Dining by Design” gala event where dinner was served to approximately 450 people in each sponsor’s dining suite. A total of more than 1,350 design professionals attended one or more of these events.

Beyond display graphics applications
The Océ Arizona 350 XT printer is ideal for producing a wide variety of display graphics such as event graphics, point-of-purchase displays, limited-term signage, banners, backlit and reflective rigid displays, transit advertising, and directional signage. But because of its ability to print on a range of materials not predetermined simply by “square, flat and thin” and its support of white ink, the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer can produce applications beyond the norm including custom furniture, glasswork, tablecloths, fixture enhancement, fine art, or nearly anything that the imagination can conceive.

About the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer

The Océ Arizona 350 XT printer offers versatility to produce nearly any display graphics application. It can print onto a range of rigid and roll-based media and is ideal for producing a wide variety of display graphics such as event and exhibit graphics, point-of-purchase displays, limited-term signage, banners, posters, transit advertising, and directional signage. The Océ Arizona 350 XT printer uses UV curable inks and Océ VariaDot™ imaging technology to deliver near-photographic image quality for nearly any application.

Lohrer Werbung Increases Production Capabilities with Second HP Scitex FB950

Lohrer Werbung HP Scitex FB950 Printers

Investing in new technology in the current economic climate seems a daunting prospect for most. However, due to the success of its first HP Scitex FB950 installation, German advertising agency, Lohrer Werbung, recently installed its second HP Scitex FB950 Printer. As a result of these HP investments, the company has increased its productivity, flexibility and ultimately its profitability.



  • Enhance production capabilities and capacity to accommodate an increasing workload
  • Offer an end-to-end solution for advertising and marketing materials
  • Provide a more flexible, digital technology offering for its in-house design team


  • 2 x HP Scitex FB950 Printers


  • HP Scitex FB950 Printers provide media versatility, increasing design creativity, business revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased production capacity enables Lohrer Werbung to take on more jobs and improve turnover.
  • Utilising the new HP Scitex FB950 Printers, customers now experience an efficient, hassle-free print.

Bringing print in-house

Established in 1993, Lohrer Werbung quickly became the agency of choice for a number of high-profile blue-chip brands, creating corporate identities, marketing campaigns and collateral. Indoor and outdoor signage, show-room design and interior design are just a few of the many products and services that Lohrer Werbung has added to its portfolio.

Production of its clients’ marketing materials was initially outsourced to local print service providers, but this led to a lack of control over pricing, print quality and delivery schedules. The answer, Lohrer Werbung concluded, was to invest in in-house printing solutions. As the benefits of having its print production onsite became apparent, this initially small-scale venture evolved into the 1500m² (approximately 16,000ft²) production and office facility Lohrer Werbung operates from today.

“The design team at Lohrer Werbung would often come up with innovative and highly targeted marketing solutions and advertising campaigns that could not be produced on our existing screen-print systems,” explains Thomas Lohrer, manager and owner of Lohrer Werbung. ”Therefore, we decided to invest in a digital, wide format printer and the HP Scitex FB950 seemed to meet all of our requirements.”

“In 2008, our production facility installed the first HP Scitex FB950 Printer in Germany and we haven’t looked back since! The printer ran extremely smoothly, which is a real testament to the machine as it was a brand new product at the time. In March 2009 we installed our second HP Scitex FB950 Printer to increase our production capacity and enable us to meet growing demand. As a result, I would say that the flexibility of our offering has increased by 100 percent. We can now print onto one substrate on  one machine and a different substrate on the other, or set the machines up to do different jobs at the same time.”

Eradicating limits on creativity

Thomas Lohrer also believes that having the HP Scitex FB950 Printers on site has enabled his designers to be more creative with their campaign and signage ideas.

“Not only can the designers see that virtually any rigid or flexible material can be printed on and  the print still be cost-effective, but being in the same building as the HP Scitex FB950 Printers, they can test new ideas and see the print quality first hand,” Lohrer explains. “We print on glass, aluminium, acrylic, wood, textiles and a lot of other materials. Now that we print in-house, our customers can come to us with almost any idea and our team can confidently say that we can produce it. In a way, this has redefined creativity for our design team as it has allowed them to extend their imagination beyond the previous screen-print based production limitations.”

The HP Scitex FB950 Printer has an industrial vacuum belt system that enables printing on warped, uneven or heavy media up to 125lb (56.7kg), making it extremely versatile. With automatic printhead height adjustment, it can also print on rigid media up to 2.5in (6.3cm) thick and produce great detail with up to 1200 x 600 optimised dpi and smooth colour transitions.

“We have a showroom with a lot of examples of signage and materials from previous marketing campaigns. Among the more unique applications are graphics on trailers, floor tiles, glass doors, and stone. When our customers look around the showroom, they are always thoroughly impressed with the intricate details captured in the image, no matter what the substrate or size of the application.” Lohrer continues.

Meeting the customers’ needs

Adding print to its list of services, Lohrer Werbung now provides a complete end-to-end solution, from design to production and installation.

Lohrer says, “Our goal is to provide customers with a one-stop, hassle-free solution. They may have little or no knowledge of how to produce the campaign they have in mind, and we are happy to be able to offer technical advice and make their ideas into a reality. Now that we have the two HP Scitex FB950 Printers, we can also produce cost-effective, short test runs, printing onto different substrates to experiment with what will provide the required impact.”

The future

“Looking back just two years ago, I would not have guessed that we would be doing what we’re doing now. I think being as flexible as possible with our product and service offering is a must for the future,” explains Lohrer. “Our recent HP investments have already increased our flexibility significantly, enabling us to deliver a wider range of products and fulfil a larger amount of jobs. This will definitely have a positive impact on the success of the business for the foreseeable future. Beyond that, the possibilities are infinite.”

THIEME KPX announces 2nd UK sale of new Agfa Graphics :M-Press Tiger

Agfa :mpress Tiger

Yorkshire based imageData Group has chosen to install the :M-Press Tiger at their Howden site. The new press is supplied by THIEME KPX and will be installed later this year.

imageData Group Chairman Roger Birkin explains: “We have been involved with the :M-Press project from the very beginning, and have closely watched its development and progress. We believe that the new :M-Press Tiger now delivers the speed, the quality and the cost-of-ownership that will make a significant contribution to our production capacity alongside our other investments.”

imageData Group CEO David Danforth adds: “We have elected to make this significant investment at this time in order to meet specific customer needs. This system supports our ongoing efforts to grow the development of our large and medium format digital print capabilities.”

THIEME KPX Managing Director Bill Kippax says “The :M-Press is built on a Thieme screen printing base and adds the new :M-Press Tiger UV inkjet shuttle. It makes the system 300 percent more productive than the original M-Press with an even higher quality output.

With virtually no set-up time required, the effective output of the :M-Press TIGER is equal to traditional screen printing for the majority of common screen printing run-lengths. We are delighted that imageData Group has selected the :M-Press Tiger as their next major investment. imageData Group has had traditional Thieme screen presses for 8 years, and we are pleased to be able to continue the relationship into the digital era with Agfa Graphics :M-Press Tiger.

Teckwin TeckStorm Added to FASTSIGNS Arsenal

Teckwin Storm R UV Flatbed

Teckwin International has announced that the TeckStorm R has been added to Fastsigns International, Inc. recommended printer list. In 2009, Fastsigns International, Inc. ranked fifth on the Franchise Business Review list of the top 50 franchise companies in the world with 200 or more units and received the "Best In Business Services Award" for the fourth consecutive year.

The TeckStorm R is a grand-format UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printer combined into one industrial machine. Some features of the TeckStorm R include Xaar XJ760 greyscale printheads, graphic resolution of 1440 dpi plus, CMYK + white ink as standard colors, double sided printing on flexible media and the ability to accept rigid media two inches thick.

Using environmentally friendly UV ink, the TeckStorm R prints extremely well on Xanita board, a product listed by Fastsigns International, Inc. as an "environmentally responsible product."

Teckwin partnered with Xanita USA last year to promote more environmentally friendly signage, packaging, furniture, store fixtures and many other products.

Xaar Showcases Proton and Electron at FESPA India

XAAR Electron and Proton Printheads

Xaar will be demonstrating the power of its two latest printheads targeted at the wide-format graphics sector at FESPA India next month (Delhi, December 7-9).

By supporting this show, Xaar is not only demonstrating its strong ties to FESPA as their Global Technology Partner, but is also reaffirming its leadership position in the wide-format graphics sector.

Xaar's 120 sqm stand at the show will showcase several new printers based on the Xaar Electron and Xaar Proton printheads. The entry-level, high-speed Xaar Electron and the premium high-productivity, wide-swathe Xaar Proton are attracting interest from the wide-format market following their global launch earlier this year. The design and flexibility of the printheads make them very popular with manufacturers. The following OEM partners will be displaying their latest technology on the Xaar booth:

  • Colourjet India Ltd
  • Macart Equipment Pvt Ltd
  • Monotech Systems Limited
  • Printek EngineeringTurnkey Printing Solutions Pvt Ltd

"We are seeing a number of printers coming to market now with our latest printheads. This proves that companies can quickly deliver competitive printers that combine the highest levels of quality and speed with maximum cost-effectiveness and low cost of ownership," said Phil Eaves, sales and marketing director, Xaar. "Our relationship with our partners is very strong and this is the best way to show new product offerings that combine Xaar's printhead technology with our partners' market and manufacturing expertise."